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New Village Telco VoIP-wear From Cafe Press

In this life you’re going to need some clothing. It’s a simple fact. Since shopping malls are actually a form of torture why not buy your clothing online? While you’re at it you can support one of the most interesting and innovative open source telephone projects on the planet; The Village Telco.

Yes, The Village Telco recently opened a storefront at Cafe Press. You can buy a variety of t-shirts, mugs, tote bags, caps…even baby and dog apparel…all emblazoned with very cool new Village Telco logo.

A portion of the proceeds goes into the project, which aims to provide affordable telephone service to unserved areas of the world using Asterisk and wifi mesh technology.

I say that this is a win-win-win situation. You look tidy & smart , you’re supporting an open source project, and you’re helping people get the tools to communicate better in places where corporate concerns can’t be bothered. It doesn’t get much better than that!

As nice as it is, I seriously doubt that I can get our dog Shadow to wear the dog shirt.

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