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OnSIP & Android 2.3 (a.k.a Gingerbread)

Earlier this week the Android development team released some news about Android v2.3, aka Gingerbread. This has a lot of people more than a bit excited as one of the new features is a built-in SIP stack.

Some point to this as being a major step toward the integration of Google Voice and Android devices. With a SIP stack included in the OS it will be much easier for people to develop soft phones that leverage the hardware and the data side of Android handsets.

The built-in SIP stack will work with any SIP service provider, giving users tremendous flexibility in choosing who gets their business. It also means that close integration with an IP-PBX will be easier than ever before.

OnSIP have responded to this announcement favorably, posting “How To Get A Free SIP Address” on their company blog. I’ve long advised people that OnSIP provides a free SIP registrar. We’ve been been using OnSIP since about just prior to the official launch of the OnSIP service in the summer of 2007.

At one time the process of setting up an account made free service more obvious. Many people have told me that it looked like it wasn’t offered anymore, even though I knew that it was still available. Today’s post simply reinforces the availability of such accounts.

Of course, their hope is that you’ll grow to like the service and eventually start using some of the functionality associated with paid accounts. Such hopes are well placed since their service is very good.

My own hope is that the growth of SIP calling from portable devices will further the use of calling by SIP URI. That in turn means there will be greater opportunity for people to experience HDVoice calling, also the chance to do more video calls.

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Michael! We decided with the Gingerbread announcement that it’s a good time to highlight that we provide free SIP addresses. More to come…

  2. You should probably note that OnSIP doesn’t allow you to set up an account or users with non-US addresses (which may be a bug as there is a country field for the address; it’s just refused without a state and US zipcode). also allow you to set up free SIP hosting of your domain and aren’t restricted to the US. Unlike OnSIP they don’t also host XMPP for your IM so you’ll have to go elsewhere for that (i use Google Apps for email and IM).

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