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Blog Hosting Quality Update

Recently Pingdom published another in a series of reports documenting their findings about the reliability of various large blog hosts. It seems that in the months of October & November 2010 Google’s Blogger platform managed perfect (100%) uptime, while tumblr (96.81%) was the least reliable blog host.

As I am a WordPress user, and I started this blog at, it’s interesting to note that was the second best host, with 99.99% blog uptime and no single outage lasting more than four minutes. That seems impressive to me.

This blog remains quite happily on a private instance of WordPress running in a VPS at UnmeteredVPS.Net, where it has lived since late July. The server periodically sends me an SMS to alert me about momentary peaks in memory use but has suffered little, if any actual down-time. It seems that after a tumultuous transition it’s been very stable.

Even as I have continued to tinker with various WordPress plug-ins the VPS has remained solid. I can’t think of any higher praise than I’m happy to be here, and continuing to pay a modest amount of very real money every month for a virtual host.

Incidentally, about a month ago this blog turned three years old. I guess that might explain why I have sometimes behaved like a toddler. Ok, maybe not.

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