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Introducing The Freetalk Connect PBX With Skype Integration

Today marks the launch of the Freetalk Connect PBX from In-Store Solutions. Freetalk Connect is a small business PBX appliance that includes close integration with Skype.

Freetalk Connect was initially announced in January at ITEXPO East. Thomas Howe, CTO of In-Store Solutions, made a guest appearance on a VUC call on August 13th to discuss the device. At that time we learned that Freetalk Connect is based upon Asterisk and Skype-For-Asterisk.

Also on that VUC call, we learned that the product was actually being developed by Randy Busch and the Jazinga team in Toronto. Please recall that I reviewed their earlier Jazinga SMB PBX back in 2008.

Since August In-Store Solutions has gone about creating a reviewer program under the direction of Jim Courtney. I’m pleased to report that I have one of the Freetalk Connect systems in my office and will be putting it through its paces in the coming weeks.

The review suite includes a pair of business class SIP desk phones and a Skype Business account so I will truly be able to explore the reality of using Skype-For-Asterisk to take calls from Skype users and place calls using Skype for low-cost international termination. It’s going to be very interesting putting it to use in my office.

As I’ve yet to actually use the Freetalk Connect system I’ll defer any form of qualitative comment until I have some experience with the hardware. However, the Jazinga product was impressive…and the Freetalk Connect system appears to be a logical evolution of that work.

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