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Revisiting The Ipevo X1-N6 Internet Conference Station

Ipevo x1-n6 Internet Conference StationLate in 2009 my quest for a portable conference phone lead me to try the Ipevo X1-N6 Internet Conference Station. On the surface the X1-N6 has an attractive set of capabilities and a very attractive price point. Unfortunately, the unit that I purchased from  my local Fry’s Electronics did not meet my expectations, so after a few weeks I returned it for a refund.

When I posted my experience with that device it caught the attention of the manufacturer. They had some theories as to why the unit I had behaved as it did. They asked me to return to the unit to them for investigation, but by then I had already returned it to the retailer. Since they could not pursue that situation further the manufacturer promised to send me a sample unit when their next production batch arrived from the east.

As you might imagine, I was pleasantly surprised when after several months they again contacted me to say that the new shipment was in hand…and further that one was on its way to me. It arrived on Tuesday.

Some time in the next week or two I’ll be giving it a try, and will certainly post my findings. Many thanks to Ipevo for making good on their offer after considerable time had passed.

Oh, yes. I never did find an ideal solution for a road warriors speakerphone. That search, which started at Astricon 2009, continues. If you have experience with what you found to be suitable hardware I’m certainly open to suggestions.

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  1. Any ideas when an updated review would be published on this device? I was ready to pull the trigger on one, but read your review just in time…

    Thanks a lot.

    1. I have this in draft form, and needing some multimedia support. It will likely post some time late in the coming week.

      1. Huge thanks 🙂
        The problem where I live (HK) is the lack of available VOIP products (polycom products are expensive but we can’t access the latest models etc…) that’s why I am looking into that one.

        1. Not to spoil the pending stuff on the N1-X6, but I’ve run into some issues and need to connect with Ipevo support staff to ensure that I’m not misrepresenting the device.

          IMHO, if you’re looking for this type of device for use with 1-2 people then the Polycom C100 is the clear leader in the category. At around $120 USD it’s inexpensive and works great.

          1. Thanks for the reply.

            Actually, we would like a device for two conference room (15ftx30ft with a big table in the middle, seat 10 people, but I don’t think we’ll going to do a conference with 10 people at the same time inside…) but we don’t want to enter too expensive stuffs, that’s why I was thinking about this device, and we also do some conference call in my boss’office (much smaller, 12ftx12ft) there, I think that the polycom C100 would do great.

            The big issue I have is finding those devices, US e-tailers don’t ship here… and the only products I have access are the ipevo and the yamaha one. Other than that, I have access to much more expensive solutions like snom (complete server + desktop phone). It’s very sad to see that voip is not really developped here.

            Another thing that I would like to dig out is the possibility to use two microphones and have a noise canceling software that takes both input and output it to the voip software in order to improve the quality but can’t find such a thing.

            Anyway, thanks for your hard work.

          2. Given the choice between the Ipevo and the Yamaha devices I would select the Yamaha unit. I’m waiting on contact from the tech support team at Ipevo. I have some questions for them that must be answered before I can complete a full review of that device.

            None of those devices would be well suited to the larger room that you describe. That size of room would need something like an Polycom Soundstation IP6000 or Konftel 300IP. We use the IP6000 in the conference room in our Burbank CA offices. It’s a great speakerphone. You can find it for around $700 US.

            There must be someone who will ship to your location.

    1. Yes, the manufacturer sent me a sample from a new production batch. It behaves exactly as the first, even when used via a powered USB hub.

      Given this finding, I asked for contact with a technician or product manager at the company, but such contact has not been forthcoming. That was several months ago.

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