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Deal Alert: Plantronics CS55 Wireless Earset With Lifter

CS55_I_rgb3_240Got a fancy IP phone on your desk? Wish it had a properly mated cordless headset? Hoping to not spend a small fortune? Here’s your chance!

BUY.COM is today offering a nice Plantronics CS55 wireless headset system with a lifter for the very reasonable sale price of $199. These things normally sell for closer to $300.

The cordless headset is DECT-based, operating at 1.9 GHz so it won’t suffer interference from Wifi networks. Both it’s cordless range and battery life will be better than similar Bluetooth devices. The lifter, while decidedly old skool tech, lets the headset answer or hang up calls even on phones that don’t support the newer “electronic hookswitch” capability.

I have a similar system that I will soon be installing to the new Cisco 7960 that was deployed in my wife’s newly renovated office.

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