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HDVoice News Names Top Ten Most Influential People in Promoting HDVoice

HDVoiceNewsSmallLogoIt’s nearing the end of the year so some of the punditry have started making prognostications. Those who don’t look back at the year just past for fear that the coming year holds untold terrors. And of course, top ten lists start showing up well beyond the confines of David Letterman’s Late Show.

Most of this I simply ignore, but Doug Mohney at HDVoice News has an interesting top ten list; 2009 HD Voice Players – 10 people who have moved HD Voice forward over the past year.

This is a solid compilation of IP telephony notables, and touches on a lot of bases. I’d like to add my own shout-out to Gigaset’s Tony Stankus, who must’ve had a heck of a year getting Gigaset US up and running with product into people’s hands.While recent firmware issues have been something of a headache, Tony has been very good at keeping the effort rolling.

My hat is also off to David Frankel of ZipDX. David gets my vote for “The hardest working man in HDVoice” (my apologies to James Brown.) We know that David works at promoting HDVoice on various levels from the halls of the FCC, to his involvement in HDConnect, and even to grass roots users like the VoIP Users Conference crowd.

For my own experience, what started out as a single experimental conference call 13 months ago turned out to be that start of a revolution. The VUC calls still use the ZIPDX HDVoice conference bridge and the Talkshoe G.711 bridge every week, but we now routinely have more people on the call in wideband. On the Dec 18th call about Kamailio we had 49 people on the HD bridge, and only 7 on Talkshoe!

Everyone on the list shares one thing in common, a passion for delivering superior voice communications. That isn’t bad, not bad at all.

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