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Compulab Introduces The Fit-PC2i

I am just such a sucker for little embedded systems platforms. It started with the Soekris Net4501, but I’ve also used the Soekris Net4801, ALIX boards and HP thin clients in appliance-like roles. Most recently I bought a FIT-PC2 to use as a little Astlinux server.

Compulab, the Israeli company behind the FIT-PC line, has introduced the FIT-PC2i. This version of the FIT-PC has a few changes that make it better suited to certain applications.

  • Dual Gigabit ethernet ports
  • A serial port
  • Up to 2 GB RAM
  • Optional on-board Flash disk

The addition of dual NICs and a flash disk make it ideal for use with Astlinux. It can be used as both your perimeter router and PBX. Or perhaps choose pfsense then load the FreeSwitch module. Either could be great solutions.

Oh, by the way…888voipstore is offering a Trixbox CE Micro Appliance based upon the FIT-PC2? Theirs is based on the lesser spec’d model with the 1.1 GHz CPU and a single network interface, but Kerry is absolutely right that they make a great host for a small business phone system.

There is one simple caveat about the FIT-PC line, and it relates to the power button. These devices are wired such that they don’t automatically boot on application of power. You must press the front panel power button for the device to boot. Thus, if it ever loses power it will not automatically restart when power is restored. According to Compulab you can special order systems modified to get around this matter. It doesn’t appear that the US resellers stock this variant. [Update: This is not the case for the newer FIT-PC2i model]

Here’s one of the companies promotional videos giving you an overview of the FIT-PC2. This clip focuses on the Windows 7 loaded version, but they’re available with or without a disk or OS loaded.

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    1. Thanks for the clarification! I wish that my existing Fit-PC2 did this. It was not documented at the time I ordered the device from Amazon.

  1. I have two HP T57XX machines, one runs PiaF and the other is a sandbox. Both are upgraded to 1 gig of memory. I think I’ll upgrade in the near future to an Atom processor.

    The Fit-PC2 seems expensive to me. But I haven’t priced out similar systems yet. Here is a similar product line.. i think i’ll upgrade my asterisk server with this hardware in the near future.

    1. The price is not that bad, IMHO. I see Net-top barebones systems going for $130-150 with no memory or HD, and in less attractive packages. The lower end systems will likely fall in price as dual core Atoms and better chipsets become more widespread.

      For cheaper systems I still use ALIX boards.

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