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Gigaset Phones & SIPGate

SIPGATE copyIn a previous post I described the settings necessary to have my Gigaset A580IP register for use with OnSIP. This time around I’ll show you the settings necessary to use SIPGate in the US.

This first screen shot presumes that you’re setting it up manually, defining the various SIP parameters yourself.

Gigaset-A580IP-SIPGate-Registration-500You can do a manual configuration based on this screen shot, but Gigaset provides an automated setup for SIPGate. You simply walk through the process of setting up a new connection, following all the prompts…then enter your SIP credentials at the appropriate time.

Not long ago Tony Stankus, Product Manager For Emerging Technologies at Gigaset USA, advised me of a URL where Gigaset users could walk though an automated setup process. I’ve not tried it myself yet, but it looks like it accommodates existing users and users who don’t yet have a SIPGate account.

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  1. One major drawback with SIP Gate is their apparent inability to port over existing numbers. In speaking to their management they advised that this functionality would not be made available this year. They did admit, however, that many people had asked about porting.

    Does anyone know of a service like SIP Gate that will port over numbers for a very small business – 3 extensions and 2 phone numbers? We’re too small to make the economics work with OnSip. Except for the porting issue, SIP Gate along with the Siemens
    Gigaset S675 IP system would have been our ideal setup.

  2. Despite following instructions on the sipgate website for configuring the snom m3, I cannot hear clients who call any sipgate number on the snom m3. Clients can hear me fine. If I call out on the snom m3, two-way audio works fine. The softphone on the computer works fine. OnSIP works fine on the snom m3. Any idea what the problem is with sipgate on the snom m3?

  3. Nice to see that the gigaset has an easy configuration. I’ve been playing “internet detective” looking for the proper settings for the Polycom 550 w/ Sipgate. I find it strange that they support HD, but don’t take the time / effort to put some config settigns on their website for a popular brand and model.

    Oh well.. I guess the scavenger hunt continues.


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