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Review Delayed: Dreamwave SIP-D28P

Dreamwave-D28P-200I wanted to be working on reviewing the Dreamwave SIP-D28p by now, but that effort has been delayed due to a firmware issue. The phone is powered-up and running. I’ve been able to use it a bit, exploring its firmware, web GUI, etc. It shows some promise. There are some nice features in the device.

However, I came to a screeching halt when I found that the phone doesn’t provide sidetone into the handset. This stopped me dead in my tracks. The lack of sidetone makes using any phone very unnatural. Thus I’ve not been able to put it on my desk and actually use it as my primary phone. That’s the process that forces me to gain enough experience with a device to write about it sensibly.

I opened a case with the Dreamwave.Net who have been responsive. In an email they told me that the matter is an issue in firmware. They further said that the setting should be exposed as a parameter in the config files that I would use if I were to centrally provision the phone from a TFTP server. They then came back and said that the firmware presently loaded into the phone may not support that parameter yet, but they’d get me more info.

That case was opened was two weeks ago. This week I put a call into them and did receive a callback from a technician. He promised to get back to me about the pending firmware release in the coming week. More details to come as the situation unfolds.

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  1. Thanks for bringing this up. I was wondering where things stood with this phone after I first saw it in your site. I guess I will have to put it in the “do not consider” category given their response. The lack of sidetone, a 100+ year old phone consideration, is an indication the product is not well thought out or tested properly against a well thought out set of criteria.

    1. I wouldn’t be so quick to judge considering the nature of the manufacturer. I believe that the OEM (Yealink) is in the manufacturing business, not the voIP business. They probably once made something similar for another company. Now they’re trying it on their own. They have some lessons to learn.

      Thus far Dreamwave has been responsive. If they resolve the sidetone issue then it could be a decent phone. There are some really nice features in the firmware.

      1. Mike the sidetone issue was addressed in the firmware update in the last week of September 2009 release

        If you need any further information or assistance please contact me.

        Mark Sumpter
        National Marketing Director
        Dreamwave Networks LLC

        1. Mark,

          Thanks for the reminder. I’m aware of the new firmware. I hope to get some time to play with the DP-28 one day soon. There’s just not enough hours in the day, days in the week, etc.

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