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Codecs, Wideband & Stereo: A Conversation At AMOOCON

AMOOCON-200Back in the spring of this year VUC founder Randy Resnick made the trek to Germany to attend AMOOCON, a conference for Asterisk Users. AMOOCON started out in 2007 known as AsteriskTAG which literally translated means “Asterisk Day.”

While at AMOOCON Randy made a point of recording some of the presentations. These recordings can be found on the VoIP Users Conference site. Various sessions were recorded by the conference organizers and are available on the AMOOCON site. There they also have quite a lot of video of the formal sessions.

In what I think is a very inspired move Randy also recorded some of the casual conversations that sprung up outside of the formal sessions. This is truly the equivalent of “reading-between-the-lines.” These conversations tend to cover matters that are on peoples minds at the moment, but have not evolved to the point where anyone has a formal presentation to give.

In particular he recorded a conversation with a very good group of people that included John Todd, Tim Panton, Ole Johansson, Michael Ideema, Stefan Wintermeyer, Nir Simionovich, Mark Spencer…and those are just the people that I can identify from listening to the recording. The conversation drifts around a little but it’s definitely worth taking the time (45 minutes) to give it a listen.

Of particular interest to me are the parts about codecs, wideband telephony and  the potential of “stereo telephony.” These are topics that are very dear to me. I’d like to offer some commentary on some of the discussion in this area, so…off you go now….give it a listen.

AMOOCON VoIP Discussion

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