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Turbo-Charge Your Gigaset Setup Experience!


Here’s  a nice little tidbit for you. One of the more annoying tings about setting up a Gigaset cordless SIP/DECT phone is the sluggishness of the web interface. In the first draft of my A580 review I made specific mention of this, but it was dropped in a later revision. I curse those editors! A few people have since commented about this as well.

There’s been a long running thread about the Gigaset line over at Broadband Reports VoIP Tech Chat forum. “Jan1973” recently posted advising that browsers other than IE or Firefox don’t exhibit this problem at all. That suggests that the matter truly isn’t the Gigaset web server, but rather how the browsers are rendering the pages. “Jan1973” further suggests using k-meleon, which is  free download from SourceForge.

I took a few moments to try out and he’s absolutely right. The Gigaset web interface renders dramatically faster in k-meleon than any version of IE or Firefox that I have on-hand. Here’s a pic of the A580 web I/F in k-meleon.

Gigaset A580 Web Interface in k-meleon
Gigaset A580 Web Interface in k-meleon
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