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Sprint Mifi: Day #3 @ Home Office Location

I thought that I’d have another check of the Sprint 3G data rate now that we’re into the weekend. The performance in the mid-afternoon during the week was not bad at all. I was wondering if there would be any change on the weekend.


It seems to be markedly improved  on the weekend. Today it measures: 1.94 Mb/s download, 520kbps upload with a ping time to Dallas of 155 ms. That was at around 2pm CDT.

The real test will be when I’m in SFO next week.

I managed to book myself into a very posh hotel for three nights (Le Meridien downtown, formerly the SFO Hyatt) at a significant discount through The trouble with booking 4 star hotels through Hotwire is that you might get a deal on the room, but all the hotel services are still hugely expensive. For example, parking your car overnight at Le Meridien is $50/night. A hamburger and a glass of wine from room service is easily $45.

Oh, and by the way, their internet access is great…both wired and wireless as I recall…but they want $15/night for the service. That would be $45 in internet access charges just for this little trip. In contrast, my Sprint 3G service is only $60/mo. And it will be available to both my laptop & netbook…perhaps even to my associates laptop if he has the need.

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  1. While I haven’t tried the mifi yet I have used sprint 3G wireless for data for some time now and have been very happy with it. It seems to work better when I’m in a bigger metro area. I live around st louis. When I’m on one of the coasts I find my access to be quicker. On average I have better signal than my AT&T 3g.

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