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HBOs “True Blood” & Polycom Kirk DECT Gear

Maybe it’s a guilty pleasure, but I admit that HBO’s ‘True Blood” is one of my favorite programs at the moment. Imagine my surprise when watching this past Sunday’s new episode when I recognized an unusual phone ins a scene.

The scene has a pair of vampires sorta camping out at a posh hotel in the Dallas area. One is trying to leave, or at least make a call to a friend. Another is trying to stop him on both counts. Cut to the close up shot of the handset….


…and it’s a Polycom Kirk DECT handset. You can kinda make out the Polycom logo at the top, but it’s clearly that unmistakable elliptical shape. She get to the phone before he does, and you see her holding it later in the scene.


That’s the progress bar from the Tivo GUI in the second picture. Also, sorry for the glare. Both of these were taken with a DSLR pointed at our Sharp Aquos HDTV.

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