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Gigaset Keypads Are Backlit

I can’t recall where but someone recently asked me if the keypads on the Gigaset SIP/DECT handsets are backlit. At that very moment I didn’t know, but I have since confirmed that all three (A58H, S67H and SL78) are in fact backlit. Here’s a composite image of all three handsets to illustrate that fact.


The backlight is most obvious on the S67H model, even in the day time. However, all three are lit well enough to make them usable in a dim or darkened room.

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  1. It was me, thanks as that was one thing I hated about the Snom M3’s. Are you still liking the A580IP, any hiccups? Any progress on the eval on the other set (You could just send it my way, I’d be glad to put it through the ringer for you..;.) One thing I am interested in is why the snom, when it rings, sometimes keeps ringing all the other handsets even after the call has been picked up. Really quite annoying. And, I had read that there was a similar problem logged somewhere with the Gigaset, will try to find that link and post it to you.

    1. There’s a lot to like about the A580IP, and a few things that annoy. I don’t think that the phones keep ringing once the call is answered. In fact, I know that if you hit the “end call” button while it’s ringing all the handsets stop ringing right away and the call goes to VM.

      OTOH, my wife like using the speakerphone feature and I find it frustrating. It needs an AGC of some sort. She usually sounds muffled. But the she probably doesn’t position the handset appropriately. I actually wish I could disable the speakerphone feature!

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