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Skype For Asterisk Open Beta Now Available

SkypeForAsteriskLogo.160px-2009It’s been over nine months since the announcement of Skype For Asterisk, but after all that time the open beta program gets underway this week.

For those of you who don’t follow the sometimes heavily trafficked Asterisk Users Mail List here’s the announcement from John Todd, Asterisk Open Source Community Director at Digium.

I know many of you have been waiting for this for a while, so I’ll keep this short:  The Skype for Asterisk Public Beta is now available on the Digium store.

We are pleased to announce the open beta of Skype For Asterisk is ready to begin and we look forward to you participation. To obtain your copy of the software, please visit Digium’s web store and purchase (for zero dollars) the Skype For Asterisk product. The web store does require a account, which can be set up during the purchase process if you don’t already have one.
Once the web store process is complete, you will be e-mailed your license key and directions on where to download Skype For Asterisk beta software.

This is a “time-expiring” beta – the software will stop working on August 31.  The download is also currently time-limited – it will be available until August 7 on our website.  After the 31st, you would need to have purchased a license for the SfA software (sorry, no pricing that I can give you right now – that will be a separate announcement.  I’m just the community guy – I have no idea about pricing or commercial contracts or the like, so please wait until that’s been announced as I will find out about the same time as you do. 🙂

Trial “purchase” page:


So it looks like its time to get back to tinkering with Asterisk again. I only wish that the Skype For Asterisk offering handled wideband calling from the start.

Let the games begin!

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