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Review: The Gigaset A580IP SIP/DECT Cordless Phone System

For each handset you can define the default SIP account to use when making outbound calls. You can specify when account to use when dialing by appending #x to the number you are dialing, where x is the account number you wish to use. You can also save numbers to the contact list using this syntax. In this way you can preset which account to use when dialing each specific contact.


In a similar fashion you can define which handset rings in response to incoming calls for each SIP account. Since my system is used for a mix of personal and business uses this is very handy. Our home line rings handsets in the house, while various other accounts only ring handsets in my office. It’s easy to see how a family with children could give each their own private line. Well, up to six kids at least.

Speaking of “ring” the A58H handset sports a number of ring-tones. Fancy melodic ring-tones are one of the features that betray the systems’ consumer electronics roots. We settled upon the first and most basic ring tone, which is called simply “Telephone.”

Here’s a recording of all the built-in ring tones.

GIGASET A58H FRONTThe handset itself has a black plastic case. It seems reasonably durable, having suffered one or two accidental drops in recent weeks. The keys are raised and separate, which my wife prefers since it keeps her from misdialing like she did with our older snom m3 handsets.

The 1.5” monochrome LCD display is backlit in amber. While not especially high resolution is bright and very readable, even at a distance.

When the screen-saver is enabled the LCD display will show a large digital clock and crawling text along with the contents of a data source selected using the Gigaset.Net web portal for the phone. The available data sources include; local weather forecasts, news headlines, a biorhythm display, horoscope or your choice of RSS feed.


It’s very novel that Gigaset allows you to display information on the LCD when the phone is at rest. However, this is probably more useful on the higher-end handsets where the color displays and larger screen sizes have more impact.

One quirk about the screen-saver is that I found it interrupted dialing in an slightly unexpected manner. That is, if the screen saver is engaged the first keystroke entered takes the handset out of screen saver mode. That first keystroke is discarded, and does not remain in the buffer as the first key of the number that you are dialing. I had to make an effort to remember to hit a key and not just start dialing or I’d miss the first digit of the number I meant to call. In the end I simply disabled the screen saver feature and dialed as per my habit.

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  1. Mike,

    Great review, as always… After being totally disappointed in the Snom M3’s that I have had for a year or so, Can you tell me….

    Are the keys on the model you got backlit? And, if not, do any of the other handsets provide that feature?

    Why did you go for the A580 and not one of the other ones, just the price?



    1. I think the keypads on some are backlit, but not on the A58H. I’ll put them in a row and take some pics to try and highlight this fact.

      I didn’t really select the A580IP. Gigaset sent me several items; A580IP, S675IP, (2) extra A58H and (1) extra SL78H. I just started at the bottom of the range and am working my way up, thinking that I’d start simple. I’ll be posting reviews on the S675IP and SL78H eventually. Given that they build on the core capabilities of the A580IP those review will (hopefully) be shorter and a little easier to write.

  2. Michael,

    You wrote “You can add either of these as optional expansion handsets to the base A580IP system,” referring in part to the S67H handset. Have you personally tested compatibility in the other direction (S675IP base with A58H handset)? I know that compatibility is advertised, but trusted first-hand experience is always welcome before making a purchasing decision.

    Also, if you’ve tried it, can an A58H handset listen to the voice mail in the S675IP base?

    1. Yes, I have used the base A580 system with all three types of handsets. I’ve also used the base S675 system with all three. No issues to report.

  3. Total nubie question: I just signed up with, and plan to use their service (including attendant, possibly with some virtual extensions) with 3 or 4 lines (with separate phone numbers.)

    Would these Gigaset phones be a good choice for this application?

    Ideally, I’d like to be able to set up different extensions to ring to different handsets, but use the voicemail features of (Would these work with virtual extensions?)

    Also, is it easy to transfer a call between extensions, and can you have two extensions talking on the same outside call?

    Finally, can these indicate when there is a voicemail for the extension on the system (I am thinking perhaps through the email capability on the higher-end handsets?)

    Thanks in advance.

    1. I think that you are going to have to put these questions to the people at The Gigasets are SIP devices, pure and simple. Since lists low-end Polycom phones and ATAs amongst their supported hardware there’s every reason to think that the Gigasets will work properly as well. They certainly have message waiting indication which is how you would know VM status.

      That said, they are cordless phone which means fewer dedicated buttons for business class calling features like transfer.

      They’re so inexpensive I’d just buy on starter set and an extra handset and try it out. If you’re not happy with the result you can resell them and probably get much of your purchase price back.

  4. Mike,

    How do you setup Gizmo account (with Google voice) into Gigaset A580IP? I got the basic setting from Gizmo website as the following, but not sure how or where to enter these info.

    SIP Settings
    Proxy Server (Host):
    Proxy Server (IP):
    Registration Server:
    SIP Port (UDP): 5060
    STUN Server:
    STUN Port: 3478
    User ID: 17471115555 (replacing with your 1747)
    Auth ID: 17471115555 (replacing with your 1747)
    Password: (your gizmo5 password)



  5. Three things you need to set up to have Goolge Voice on the Gigaset.

    1) enter Gizmo5 info into the Gigaset
    2) enter your Google Voice number on your Gizmo5 profile page
    3) add your Gizmo5 phone number on your Google Voice page (under Settings, Add Phone)

    Here is 1)

    On the handset, go to:

    Menu (right softkey)
    Connection Wizard [enter system PIN = 0000]

    Do you have a code for auto-configuration? [select “no”]

    Select VoIP Provider? [select “yes”]

    scroll to USA and select “ok”

    scroll to Gizmo5 and select “ok”

    for Authentication Name, enter your Gizmo5 telephone number (e.g. 17471115555) and select “ok”

    for Authentication Password, enter your Gizmo5 password and select “ok”.

    1. Tony,

      Thanks for taking the trouble to spell it out! As I’ve stated elsewhere around here, I’m not a big GV user so I haven’t made the effort yet.

    2. Hi Gigaset_Man

      I know GV took over Gizmo, but after months I still can’t figure out how they are related since GV calls require call back. That is exactly the problem I have with A 580IP. First, on this phone call waiting is not for land line (can only activate for VoIP) so I can’t call my GV and receive the call on the same handset. I do this on Nokia N900 with Call central application for GV. If I use Gizmo, I never see GV for free calls. Your step 2 cannot be taken on Gizmo site so, do you mean I have to add GV number from the Gizmo PC GUI >Edit>Profile? What does that do when I use gigaset?

      Your input will prevent me from returning the phone due to setup issues.

      Many thanks.

  6. Hi Gigaset_Man,
    Thanks for the help. I have already done 2 and 3 before I do the first step. Now I can receive calls on my Gigaset A580IP handset, but I can not make any call from it. Is that something to do with the outbound proxy mode? I noticed that it setted to “Never” by default, and if I change to Always or Auto, It will says “Server not accessible” Do I need to sign up for something else as to make the free call? I thought I should be able to receive and make any call by using Gizmo5.


  7. Hi Michael,
    My home/office is setup with Snom m3 (5 handsets). Given the current economy, it will not be replaced at once, but I got to have HDSP.
    Do you think I could get handsets to register with the Snom m3 open dect 6.0 base?
    And later when I have a critical mass change the base. I have my own asterisk pbx, so all I need is to register using SIP to start.
    Nice review as always. Lleo19

    1. Let’s be very clear. You want to buy one of the Gigaset basic systems, then try and register the m3 handsets with it based upon DECT 6.0 GAP compliance. I’m not sure, but I can try it and let you know.

  8. I am sorry, I was not clear.
    I have currently the Snom m3 base with 5 handsets. Since the Snom base can take up to 8 handsets, I could for now get one or two Gigaset handsets to get started, and one by one replace the snom one. At a later point then get one Gigaset base and and replace the base last. The Snom documentation does mention that other brands of DECT 6.0 phones can be connected to the base using the IPEI number but the intercom functionality will not work. I can leave temporarily without that and the other features provisioned through the Gigaset base as long as the handset registers. It would be awesome if you could give a try.
    Thanks, Lleo19

  9. I also would be interested in knowing whether a Snom m3 handset could be added to a Gigaset SL675 IP base station or the Gigaset S78H added to aSnom m3 network. I have the Gigaset at home and the Snom at the office. An extra Snom m3 headset from the office could be useful at home. And adding a Gigaset S78H at the office would be great. Loss of intercom function for a handset at each location is no big deal.

  10. Doeoes anyone have any idea how to set up an A580IP with I’m tearning my hair out with it as it’s not in the auto setup list of providers and the info on sipgate’s website just isn’t working. DHCP is enabled on my router and I can access the control panel so the A580IP is connected to the router, just not to sipgate. Tried the settings as well and they didn’t work. Thanks in advance for any help!

    1. I have the same problem. No hair left to pull out though. Did you ever find a way to get yours working with sipgate?

  11. Gr8 review! It could not have been more thorough and well written. Ordered mine last week and looking forward to switching from my existing ATA.

  12. We just added an A580ip and 6 S78H handsets for our home. They went on to our OnSip PBX without a hitch and the whole system was up and running in just under an hour — that includes unpacking and setting up all the phones. The sound is great and the handsets are superb. One minor complaint is that the max ring volume is not quite up to snuff but the features and the quality more than makes up for that.

    Great cordless SIP solution!

  13. Mike, any idea of the ETA for your review of the Gigaset S675IP and the SL78H handset? Thanks!

    1. I’ve decided that I’m not going to review the S675IP. The existing review that’s been online a while deals with it well enough. So I’m going to undertake the SL78H next. When is a good question. Hopefully soon, but work and personal things have been getting in the way the past few weeks.

  14. Mike, for small SOHOs opting for the Siemens Gigaset S675IP base and SL78H handsets in combination with a hosted PBX/VOIP provider like Nextivity/OnSip, have you looked at low cost wireless routers appropriate for such a setup?
    The folks at .e4 have recommended Edgemarc routers — but the wireless option is quite costly at $500+. We understand that in addition to firewall effectiveness, we should be concerned about dropped VOIP calls when downloading huge files, Network Address Translation traversal, and so on. Any ideas? Thanks as always.

    1. I’m not certain that I understand your quandary? The Gigaset phones are DECT based, so have no requirement for any kind of wireless networking. You connect the DECT base to the switch or router by a common cat5 cable. Any decent firewall/router, like the Edgemarc, is going to provide rational management of quality-of-service (QoS) so your concerns about other traffic impacting your calls are probably unwarranted.

      I use Gigasets and Polycom phones with OnSIP every day. I don’t use the Edgemarc device, but it seems like a solid product. I have dealt with E4 for some time, and find them very knowledgeable. They won’t steer your wrong. After all, if they did they’d be stuck supporting you…

  15. Mike, thanks, and sorry if i wasn’t clear. E4 said a consumer-based Linksys WRT54G isn’t entirely firewall safe. Also the Linkysys NAT (network address system) isn’t as VOIP aware as others, like the Edgemarc, which also resolves the firewall issue.

    All good. But what wireless router do you use/suggest with your Gigasets and Polycoms with Onsip?

    Much appreciated! Tony…

    1. Ah. Ok. My network is a little different. I’m not a fan of that little Linksys device. It’s just a matter of personal preference. I use an open source m0n0wall firewall/router running on a Soekris Net4801 board, no wifi capability at all. Then I have a separate Wifi Access Point, which is a NetGear N type. m0n0wall has no special VoIP NAT traversal provisions, but I do like it’s traffic shaping capability for ensuring voip bandwidth. The Edgemarc device is probably more capable with respect to voip.

      You can always add a wifi AP external to the router if that’s less costly. In consumer space there really aren’t any dedicated APs left, so you end up using a cheap wifi router as just a wifi AP. In SMB gear you can still find dedicated APs, which can easier to setup and manage. You don’t need to subvert all those router functions to get down to just AP functionality.

      The NetGear N type AP is around $124. N type wifi can be important if you plan to run any voice over wifi. The “WMM” feature of N type wifi is like QoS in the wireless realm.

      Bear in mind that when you go the low road you may save a few dollars now but lack for comprehensive support later on. The Edgemarc wifi option will supported as part of the entire package. That can be important if you end up troubleshooting issues later on.

    2. Hello Tony

      I was looking for information on the Gigaset IP phones and stumbled upon the page where you posted this question in November:

      > E4 said a consumer-based Linksys WRT54G isn’t entirely firewall safe. Also the Linkysys NAT (network address system) isn’t as VOIP aware as others, like the Edgemarc, which also resolves the firewall issue.

      Although the Linksys firmware can be reflashed to run an enhanced Linux using OpenWrt, people in their forum recommend other hardware, especially the Planex MZK-W04NU and the Asus WL-500g Deluxe which both have 32MB RAM and offer a USB port to increase the amount of solid-state memory:

      I’m thinking of ordering a Planex so that I get QoS for my ADSL connection and ensure good voice quality at all times.


  16. Thanks for the excellent review. Because of the review I bought two phones, one for my parents. When I first got the phones and made a Gigaset.Net call between them I was impressed.

    Unfortunately after a few days one of the units stopped working. It just would not connect via the browser nor would it register with Gigaset.Net. Unless the Siemens tech folks have any ideas I will need to replace the unit.

    Look forward to reading more articles.

  17. Hello people does anyone has an idea to set up the Gigaset A580 to Skype, I already made all the things such port forwarding, and firewall permit, fixed an IP adresses to the phone, but I am still fighting

    I am working with W. vista, my router is linksys WRt54G and I a very nice cable connection of 3 Mb

    Thks in advance

      1. Many thks for yr answer, Skype offers now a beta realese( for business only) with SIP account, I belived that it will be works but well … As far I understood from yr answer could be some interface (soft or whatever) to connect??

        Thks again

        1. Jeno,
          You are correct. Skype does offer a beta SIP service, and I can confirm that it works with the A580 IP.


          1. Alex, can you tell us how you set up the Gigaset to work with Skype’s SIP? Can’t get mine to work… SIP IP Status Code 407 and 400…

  18. Thanks for the excellent review. Because of the review I decided to buy a used Gigaset C470IP from an auction website. But unfortunately luck was not on my side and I got a unit which has custom firmware. It wont allow me to edit server settings, no settings and everything is locked. Even for firmware update I cant even edit the data server which is locked to I think the phone was offered free by (which i presume went bust) and the fellow sold me the handset in a web auction stating it ‘as new’.

    Is there any way to flash the custom firmware back to siemens generic firmware. Has anyone had any experience to flash service provider locked gigaset back to generic ones, kindly share the same. I am happy to experiment as the phone is anyways usless to me as of now!
    thankx, sid

    1. Hi Sid,

      you may possible be able to revert custom firmware back to standard similarly to what Germans do with T-Mobile DE version of Gigaset (Sinus 501V) here:

      1. downgrade firmware to fw 191
      2. enter several codes into EEPROM which remove the customization

      neffs may help there.


  19. @Sid,

    damn, they removed the /advanced_functions.html in the official release
    (A way to alter the default settings directly in memory.)
    Other option is to redirect to on your own LAN.
    Do a Google search on DNS spoofing. Probably need some live Linux CD and a DHCP server. I did it once for redirecting the sysdumps from a C470 (/sysdump.html, not removed in official firmware, as /settings_services_eeprom_provider.html, also hidden pages)

  20. Hi, i have 6x siemens IP 470’s all registered to one base station. they’ve worked well for about a year, but we are upgrading our VOIP to be hosted via an ip pbx so we can have more phones than 6 on the same network, and to expand our phone system. we’ve been told by the provider that we can hook up the Siemens phones as well as linksys handsets all on one system. but it’s proving difficult to do, without support. so far, i haven’t found anyone on the net that has had experience with this… can anyone here help me?


    1. Not sure what kind of help you need? We have an A580IP connected to an OnSIP hosted PBX. the A58H handsets are less than wonderful when it comes to PBX functions, like transfer, conference, etc. But in general they work.

      You can assign each handset to be a separate registration and so make each on a different extension on the PBX. If you do this do be aware that you can only have 3 active calls at once, so not all of the possible handsets can be in use at one time.

  21. Excellent review!!! I think I will buy an A580, but I still have one question: if I have only one handset and I configure four different SIP accounts in the base, can I have all those accounts routed to the same handset?

    This is because I have different numbers with different area codes for my clients to call to a local number.

    Thanks a lot!!!

    1. Absolutely! You can have one or multiple handsets ring for each account. You can have all the account ring all the handsets. Whatever you need.

      Remember that the A580IP comes with the entry level A58H handsets. If you want something a little nicer I’d look at an S79H handset as an add-on. They’re the best of the bunch IMHO.

  22. Michael,

    You wrote: “You can assign each handset to be a separate registration”

    How many separate registrations for handsets are allowed in A580IP?

    I use my own PBX and this feature maybt very useful for me.

  23. P.S. And how many simultaneous calls between separate registered handsets and to outside (of A580IP) can be made in this scenario? I don’t mean the restrictions of the PBX in this case, only Gigaset base restrictions…

    1. You can have 6 different SIP accounts, which corresponds to one per handset. Plus the analog line, plus the Gigaset.Net account. Between these you can have three simultaneous calls ongoing.

  24. Thanks so much for this review! Siemens should really make you a spokesperson because I got this phone after reading this 🙂

    I have a question if you don’t mind. I remember reading on DSLReports that you were using this phone on Is that still the case?

    If so, I was wondering if you could enlighten me on the network settings.

    Right now I’m connected/registered, but I did try and play around with the settings and several of them seem to work.

    For now, I have [STUN] disabled and [Outbound proxy mode] set to [Never] and it works fine.

    But if I enable STUN and set the outbound proxy to it also works as well.

    So I was wondering if these settings were able to tweak the A580 IP’s performance or if I should just leave them off?

    Thanks again for the great blog!

    1. Thanks for the kind words.

      I do monitor the voip forum at DSLReports, but I have never used

      As to those settings, they provide no performance improvement beyond simply “making it work.” That is, you need a STUN server to overcome a NAT traversal problem. Without it you’d simply have no audio. If you have audio without it then you’re ok.

      Ditto the outbound proxy. If it’s working the way you have it then leave it alone.

  25. I’m quite disappointed..

    “Unfortunately there are no VoIP telephones with the ECO Mode Plus functionality at the moment. The Gigaset IP systems, including C470 IP and A580 IP, only support the ECO Mode feature”

    So we can’t get the IP DECT system with “When docked, both handset and base station reduce the transmission power to almost zero” at all.. 🙁

    1. I can confirm that the A58H and S79H support only ECO-DECT. Today I’m not able to confirm related matters for the other handsets.

      I expect that it’s more a matter of providing support in the DECT base radio. Since in North America they’re only offering the A580IP and S675IP that’s only a pair of DECT bases.

      To be honest, I don’t really see the significance of ECO-DECT or ECO-DECT Plus. To begin with both schemes significantly drop the cordless range of the handsets. Secondly, even operating at full power the system draws a miniscule amount of energy. It’s not like you will achieve an appreciable savings on you energy bill.

      While I understand and even appreciate the technology in principle, I think that in practice it’s a little futile. Perhaps if I were one of those who claim to have an RF allergy I might feel differently.

  26. ECO DECT Plus is actually something the FCC has to approve for the US Market. We do have it on our European devices and as soon as it is allowed for the US, we will have it here as well.

    1. While I applaud the principle, I do think that even without the ECO-DECT features these things draw so little power that it’s not of concern to me. Of course, my lack of concern could be the result of too much microwave exposure to the side of the head 😉

  27. I have several of these systems, some behind an asterisk box, some just behind a router. I use as my main carrier as they provide many “hosted pbx” functions as part of their standard service with no extra cost.

    I have yet to figure out how to transfer calls between handsets on the same base station or how to implement call transfer using my asterisk box. Does anyone have any experience with GIgaset call transfer and how it works or does not work? Any examples of asterisk configurations that implement call transfer using a gigaset IP system?

    I think these systems provide the best bank for the buck thus far — If they would just clean up their user interface on the handsets to not be so obtuse,inconsistent and counter-intuitave.

    1. I cannot recall every orchestrating a transfer using the A58H handsets, though I recall being told that it was possible. However, I find that the S79H handset makes this sort of thing relatively easy because of the better LCD display. I even setup a 3 way conference call at the handset once. It was pretty simple, and in the docs.

      As for using Asterisk, well that’s a matter for dial plan logic and DTMF signaling. It seems cumbersome to me, but should be doable.

      The reality is that the Gigasets are consumer products and so there’s little emphasis on business class PBX features. It’s simply not their target market. That said, it’s the fact that they are very good that makes people want to use them in different contexts.

  28. First let me say, this is a great place to get information. So thanks in advance. I just purchased 5 gigset A580IP phone for my remote staff. The phone is great, sound quality excellent.

    However, the situation is this; The reason I got these phones was, or I sould say is, to replace our current Polycom 301’s and a 600 series IP SIP phones so they could at least move around there home/remote office and not be tied down in fron of there computer and phone. We have an asterisk server with trixbox. Always and still is running great. We can transfer call to other extensions at our office, conference with our customers, etc. Basically all the functions of the server.

    As a company, we have music on hold which is a function of the server with our periodic commercials/plugs of our company. Also plays during tranfers. The on hold buttom on the A580IP however, plays for what I think are terible MIDI music. I understand that can be shut off, but is it possible for the A580IP to actually use the asterick server, like our polycomm’s do when put on hold?

    I’m hopping someone may have an yes or no answer. If yes, how does one go about setting that up to work with the A580’s?

    Thank you all in advance!!

      1. I do appreciate the honest reply. I’ll just keep checking in periodically. Worst case, I’ll just shut the local gigset on-hold and will be just silence. Thanks.

    1. The A580IP is certainly the best starting setup, but I heartily recommend the S79H handsets as the best way to grow beyond the very simple A58H.

  29. Great site, just discovered it last week *after* I’d ordered an A580IP.

    Got the system up and running in no time, literally 10 minutes from opening the box to calling my friends VoIP number.

    One problem I’ve discovered that I’ve not found anyone else mention. Here in the UK (maybe other places too) it’s common for the telco to provide answering services in their network and provide notification to the user with an interupted dial tone when you pick up the receiver or press the call button on a DECT handset.

    With the A580IP, none of my handsets has a dialtone, they make and receive calls fine though. They’re a mixture of BT Homehub handsets an older BT Synergy 3500 and one Gigaset A58. An wired analog handset onto the wall still gets a dialtone as did the above handsets when they were linked to the previous (non-VoIP) DECT basestation.

    At the moment, I can’t tell if a message has been left unless I call the voicemail retrieval number. Is the a setting for this in the A580IP base I’ve missed somewhere?


  30. Based on Mike’s excellent analysis and the numerous positive reviews, i purchased via Amazon the A580IP (and the S79H handset). Amazingly, the simple 1st step of connecting the base station have completely failed. There is no sign that either the analog phone connection or the LAN connector work, in fact: the paging button does not turn on, and — as far i could tell — there was no evidence that the base station is “turned on”. i tried unplugging and replugging it, contacted Gigaset support and followed their instructions to do so again while pressing the paging butoon, and, still, there was no indication that power supply worked. I returned it to Amazon and they sent a new unit. It arrived today, and — amazingly — the same problem. it simply does not work, as if it is not turned on. one faulty power supply or base station is not entirely impossible; two in a row ?!?!

    Did any one of you guys heard of any such very basic and bizzare problem ? any suggestion?

    1. Hi Ilan,
      Try this.
      Switch on the base unit without the internet connection.
      On the handset, go to Menu, Settings, Handset, Register Handset, Key in “0000” (DO NOT PRESS OK!!)
      On the base unit, continuously press the paging button (DO NOT RELEASE UNTIL THE HANDSET IS REGISTERED!!)
      On the handset, press the OK button. Display will show “Handset is Registering”
      Wait til the display shows “handset is registered”

      You can now plug in your telephone line to make analogue calls.

      Now, plug in the internet connection. The paging button should turn blue i.e. the LAN is now connected.

      Hope this helps.


  31. I also bought a Siemens Gigaset DECT 6 phone and am disappointed it does not feature the ECO Mode Plus feature that is available everywhere else in the world but North America. At least my phone has ECO Mode. But I have to place the handset into the base for it to be zero radiation. With ECO Mode Plus, I would not have to do this and I could have multiple handsets as well.

    1. If the lack of ECO Mode Plus is you only complaint then you’re in pretty good shape. That is, if it’s working as a phone. Some people have has considerable trouble with the SIP capable Gigasets, although I have not had such issues.

      I really don’t understand the value of ECO Mode beyond marketing. Given the environment of our home & office there are radiation source literally everywhere. Cell phones, wifi, Bluetooth gadgets, cordless phones, cordless remotes for various devices. That any one of these had a bit less RF output would seem to be irrelevant.

      1. Simple. I have a EVF and RF meters and Siemens with ECO Mode does not radiate much of RF and EMF, the level of radiation stays about the same as background. I had Philips DECT phone and when operating it emitted 100x of recommended maximum radiation so it went right into a garbage bin.

  32. I too purchased the Gigaset S675 IP for use with my Asterisk system. It has worked well, but I’ve recently found the lack of BLF support to be a limitation.

    Does anyone know of a comparable (i.e. SOHO, not enterprise) SIP DECT system that has BLF support? I’ve looked through both the Aastra and Polycom manuals, but could find not reference.


    1. I recently purchased the Gigaset A580IP. Let me start by thanking Mike for an exceptionally professional review (on which i based my decision 😉 and for all the people that take the time to contribute questions and answers regarding this fine consumer phone system.

      There is one issue that perplexes me upon use, and i am hoping that one of the more experienced people have figured it out. Based on reading the user manual, i was under the impression that the message key should be blinking when i miss any call at all, whether it was a PSTN call or a VOIP call. Correspondingly, i expected the list of missed calls to include all missed calls (both unanswered fixed line calls and unanswered VOIP calls). Instead, it looks like the call lists are limited to VOIP calls only, and i cannot figure out how to fix it.

      Any idea?

      1. Not sure. I can’t really comment sensibly since we don’t have any POTS lines remaining. I’ll refer the question to the company and see what they have to say.

      1.  I thought it showed you the voip error codes for when calls were not completed correctly

        1. You may be right about that. I’ve never seen it do anything much, but then I don’t see errors occurring either.

  33. The A580 seems to have replaced by the A510. How does the A510 compare? Any major differences? Also, how does it compare the the new Grandview DP715?

    1. I don’t really know what to tell you. That A510 IP did replace the A580 IP. It’s very similar but it’s on newer hardware and running more recent firmware. That makes it better, but it’s still an entry-level device.

      I have no idea how it compares to the DP175. The DP175 has no support for HDVoice or dialing by SIP URI, which makes it basically uninteresting to me.

      These things are pretty cheap. I’m more interested in capabilities that uber-cheapness.

  34. Useful commentary ! BTW if you are requiring a PS 3801 , my kids encountered a blank version here

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