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Gigaset DE380IPR: A Cheaper Truly Wideband Capable Desk Phone?

gigaset-de380-ipr copyAs part of their US product launch Gigaset Communications are importing their DE380IPR SIP desk phone. At first glance this seems like a relatively unremarkable lower-end desk phone. However, it does support the G.722 wideband codec.

I had a quick look at the device in May at the HDComms Summit. It’s looks like a decent little phone, possibly comparable to the lower-end Polycom IP320/330s.

Amazon has the DE380IPR listed at $139. That might just make it one of the most affordable genuinely wideband-capable IP desk phones.

There are only two G.722 capable phones that I’m aware of that are less expensive; the Grandstream GXP-1200, which sells for around $80, and the Aastra 6730i, which sells for around $70.

I say “genuinely wideband capable” because the older Grandstream Budgetone BT-200 supported the G.722 codec, but the handset components were not up to the task. The real benefits of wideband calling were only realized when using the BT-200 with a good wired headset. I’d hope that the newer GXP-1200 has overcome this issue.

I’d be interested in hearing from anyone who has experience with wideband calling using the GXP-1200 or 6730i.

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  1. It’d be nice is someone who had one could report on its real ability to deliver high call quality. So much depends upon the physical build quality of the device. With lesser known manufacturers there’s always a cast of doubt until an independent review is conducted.

    1. Been playing around with one of these. With the 0420 firmware that came with the phone, wideband calling was unsuccessful. Incoming audio was fine, but outgoing was extremely faint and distorted. Calling with g.711u yielded nominal results. Will retry later with the newer firmware versions. The 0516 firmware release, in particular, claims “improved voice quality”.

      1. Don,

        Just last Friday I revisited this little phone for the first time in a long while. I noted some odd behavior in some cases. Notes to follow in a new post.


  2. Michael,
    Thanks. Turns out that the 0516 firmware wasn’t the answer. But it also seems that the DE380 completes wideband calls just fine with Blink’s g.722 codec. Thus, there seems to be an interoperability issue between the DE380 and my Polycom 560. As it turns out, my 560 was also running somewhat oldish firmware, and I’ve just updated to the latest release. Will retest with that when I have a chance, although also looking forward to your new post.


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