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Newsworthy: Siemens Gigaset S675IP

siemens-s685ipSuddenly Siemens Gigaset popped up on my radar this week, on two fronts at once. To start with Alan Lord pointed out on a post to the Asterisk Users Mailing List that Siemens have released some new firmware that adds a mute functionality to one of the soft keys when on a call.

Alan further points out the following revision notes about the release:

Gigaset C470 IP / C475 IP / S675 IP / S685 IP Firmware update 04/2009

Download version: 02184

New features:

  • E-mail viewer (with C47H, S45, S67H, S68H handsets)
  • Mute function. Turn off the handset’s microphone during an external call with the left display key.
  • Send and receive SMS messages via VoIP*
  • VoIP: If the telephone cannot establish a VoIP connection, it automatically dials via the fixed line network (auto-fallback to PSTN).
  • VoIP: Call transfer via R key
  • VoIP: An incoming call indicated in parallel at different VoIP devices (parallel ringing) will not be stored in the “Missed calls” list if the call was accepted at one of the devices.*
  • Online directory: display the postal codes in search results.*
  • Online directory: when starting a new search the cities used in the last searches will be displayed.
  • Fixed line access codes can be stored in the phone.
  • Some languages will be loaded on to the base via the internet, depending on the language set on the handset.
  • Extended RTP port range (1024-55000)
  • DHCP Option 114 implemented.*
  • DHCP Option 120 implemented.*
  • Web Configurator: option to specify whether the “area code” is dialled as well.
  • Web Configurator: display RTP port range
  • Web Configurator: new languages – Arabic and Russian
  • Web Configurator: enhanced PIN protection – warning if the default pin (0000) has not been changed.


  • The automatic search function for firmware updates is enabled even if the internet connection is temporarily interrupted during the night.
  • The indication “Anonymous call activated” will no longer be displayed in the idle mode of the handset.
  • The country code is synchronised between base station and handset.

VUC founder Randy provides some proof of the new firmware at the new VUC Session site where he has even posted a photo of the much-desired mute soft key.

This is simply outstanding! It proves that someone there is truly listening, since I was one of several people who felt that this was a major weakness of the handset. If you missed that rant a little earlier you can still find it here.

Then this morning I was contacted by someone from Gigaset, which is the name of Siemens new US distribution operation located in Dallas TX.  I’m told that they are actively developing their sales channel and expecting a shipment of product shortly. They have promised me a  system for review from the next shipment.

The system that I imported a year ago was built for the European market and isn’t strictly legal for use in the US. It’s been hiding in a box around here somewhere. Since Gigaset announced their launch in the US at CES in January I’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the US model. If it passes the spousal approval test then I may be able to decommission the dreadful Philips DECT phones that we’ve been using in the house.

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