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Counterpath Soft Phones on OSX

macbook1white20050516A viable G.722 capable soft phone for the Mac is one of the key pieces missing in driving further adoption of wideband telephony. I single out the G.722 codec specifically as that is key to integration with existing hard phones and conference systems or services.

Earlier today Randulo did a little experiment and discovered that two of the Counterpath soft phone clients, Eyebeam & X-Lite, work on Apple systems. He ran them using Parallels & Windows XP on OSX.

This may not seem like big news, but it does help further wideband cause considerably. Sources close to Counterpath report that they remain very interested in an updated native Mac soft phone client, but it’s not currently one of their top priorities.

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  1. Waiting patiently for G.722 on my Mac. You’d think given all the audio whiz-bang stuff on the Mac that it would have been the first client. Heck, iChat uses SIP but they won’t fess up to it.

  2. +1 to that. Once a G.722-compatible softphone is native to OS X (and Polycom interoperable) I’ll probably drop my 650 and pick up an A2DP headset.

  3. I tweeted Randulo about this recently. There’s a really, really nice *FREE* SIP client for OSX called Telephone:

    This client uses the open source PJSIP Stack. And guess what? It natively supports g.722! I tried it against the ZipDX wbdemo and it worked but there was a huge amount of clipping – I am yet to test with my Siemens or Cisco g.722 capable phones..

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