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Tethered VoIP Over Cellular Data

blackberry_boldSomeone over at Broadband Reports VoIP Forum has posted on successfully using IAX2 via a soft phone on a laptop tethered to a Blackberry Bold. This doesn’t seem like the most practical of approaches to mobile VoIP, but it’s certainly a neat experiment.

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  1. I’m pretty sure I’ve posted this image in the VUC IRC channel before, but since it’s relevant here as well:
    HD Voice on the Ohio Turnpike

    Equipment involved is an Edgewater Networks Edgemarc 4500 running firmware 7.11.8 (all 7.11.x and beyond firmwares support EVDO via USB), a Sprint-branded Novatel U720 EVDO modem (officially only the Verizon version was supported in 7.11.x releases, but there’s literally no difference aside from the sticker), a Polycom SPIP650 running I think at the time 3.0.2 firmware (not that it matters much), and of course a cheap inverter to power the entire setup.

    We successfully made G.722 wideband calls with this configuration from a moving vehicle back to our home office in Medina, Ohio (also using an Edgemarc 4500 and Polycom 550/650 phones, but on the local cable provider) for the entire trip from Medina to Perrysburg, OH. Passengers in the vehicle were even able to plug their laptops in and get online while we were holding conversations as long as we had the traffic shaper calibrated properly.

    As soon as a G.722 softphone hits the market, or if Edgewater adds support for any GSM 3G devices, I’ll be testing more thoroughly in my car.

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