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First Look From Afar*: Aastra MBU 400 SIP/DECT System

Back in September Aastra made a few announcements, starting with a new SIP/DECT cordless phone solution targeting the SMB market. Designated the MBU 400 this new system is starting to show up in vendors catalogs. I recently found it listed at .E4 Strategies where availability is given as “Early November.” Furthermore, the retail price is given as $299 for the base and one handset with additional handsets $189 each.

Being a curious sort I downloaded the brochure and the manuals and gave them a quick look. The system certainly appears to be built on a platform from Denmark’s RTX Telecom. This is not at all surprising as they are a leader in the DECT space and OEM for many popular brand names. Snom’s m3 is built on RTX technology as is the as yet unreleased Polycom IP200W.

From the print material the MBU 400 definitely seems like it’s one step up the line from the m3. To start, it includes a single POTS connection along with usual 8 VoIP accounts. It can handle 3 SIP calls and one PSTN call simultaneously. The analog line can act as an emergency fail-over line if IP connectivity is lost.

While a little more expensive than the snom m3 this new system from Aastra looks like it packs a little more in the box. It could be a contender for many small business and home offices.

* You’d be surprised what you can learn from the admin manual for a new device, sometimes even before the device is shipping. Polycom’s admin manual for the IP200W is great, more detailed than the snom wiki for the m3 at time of launch. But the IP200W has not even been released yet.

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  1. I guess the real question is, are you going to buy one to see how it works?

    I’ve actually been holding off on the m3 specifically to see how this one fares when it hits the market and people begin to review it. It’s not MUCH more than the Snom, but the analog line capability might be nice (although I don’t have an analog line anymore at home OR in the office).

  2. To that I said, quoting “The Kinks” Ray Davies, a definite maybe.

    Occasionally I get sent a sample to try. But not nearly often enough! I often buy a device myself then write a review, for which I may get paid enough to pay for the device, or a substantial portion of it.

    If I can interest someone in publishing something about this product then I might well buy one. Or perhaps if someone wants to buy my slightly used snom m3 system. As a practical matter I need to get a couple things off my plate before I could undertake such a project.

  3. Hey Michael,

    Since this post have you ever had occassion to run into this gear? I’m finding little in the way of reviews for the thing.



    1. I don’t think that it’s been shipping all that long, perhaps a few months. I know that Michael White at e4 Strategies had one in inventory and was threatening to open it up and have a look just a few days ago.

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