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Snom m3 Running v1.19 Beta Firmware

Today I took a few minutes to load the beta of v1.19 into my snom m3 SIP/DECT system. Happily, the phone loaded the firmware without issue and seems to be running well. I found the menu setting where it provides for uploading the contact list from a csv file.  However, not knowing exactly what that csv file should look like I’ve sent an email to Tim at snom for guidance. This certainly looks promising.

Another thing that I see in snom’s wiki is that the phone has comprehensive support for provisioning from a central file server over http or tftp. Further, the configuration files can be encrypted for enhanced security. This is a very nice move. It takes the m3 into the same realm as SIP phones from enterprise vendors.

More news as I explore this beta firmware.

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  1. I experienced random disconnects with 1.19 and just updated to the 1.20 beta. Hope it will work better.

    Is there a beta changelog available? The snom wiki lists only 1.16 and the forum is filled with spam atm.

  2. I have only a few days use on v1.19 but so far I’m having no issues. I’m traveling a lot the next couple of weeks so not using them much. It’ll be a few weeks before I can say I’ve used it a lot.

    I’ll check the device logs and see if any re-registers are being reported. What PBX or providers are you using?

  3. I’m using a Belgian voip provider 3starsnet.
    So far 1.20 seems to be working better… Maybe the base station just needed a reboot.

  4. I see that my phone automatically took down the v1.20 beta while I was away this week.
    My wife was using it some this week as the old Panasonic handset, of which only 1 of 3 still works, was suffering a discharged battery. She has a habit of leaving portable handsets off their chargers.

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