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Considering ATA Devices

A Linksys ATA Device

I’ve been thinking a lot about analog telephone adapters (aka ATAs) recently. I truly feel that these devices are remnants of an earlier stage in the development of VoIP services. We still have one installed and running in our house, a Linksys SPA-2102. I’m hoping to be rid of it soon. I very much feel that, with one or two exceptions, ATAs should be avoided if at all possible. I’m working to get the basis for this assertion documented. In the mean time, Corey Andrews has some sage advice on how to pick an ATA…if you really must go that route.

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    I am confused. what is the difference then? which one is the life line port then?

    I am all confused!

    when should I go for a PSTN pass through port option and when to go for an FXO port ATA?

    what do they mean by programmable FXO port?

    486 it says NO FXO port and 488 they say “programmable”. but I don’t see an extra port on 488 or a less port on 486

  2. I can’t find the 488 on Grandstream’s web site. Certainly any device that had an FXS and FXO will offier “PSTN lifeline” by simply connecting the two when the power is off. Thus your analog phone will remain on the POTS line during a power outage.

    You’ll need to direct the other question to a vendor or the manufacturer.

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