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Power Over Ethernet @ Asterisk Users Mailing List

There was a recent thread over on the very busy Asterisk Users Mailing List where someone asked for recommendations with respect to network switches that provide power-over-ethernet. There were a number of good replies. One especially caught my attention.

Jim from Sigma Networks recommended the Airlink ASW308P 8-Port 10/100 Power over Ethernet Switch which lists for $69 at Fry’ This switch povides power to four of its eight ports which might be just about right for many home or home office installations. Wherever you need POE it’s certainly a better deal than single port POE injectors that usually sell for around $40 each.

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  1. I’ll case my vote for the Netgear FS726TP ($270 street) 12/12/2 (PoE/100M/1G) , managed, VLAN, Gigabit uplink.

    A managed switch with PoE is very useful for monitoring power usage, and troubleshooting.


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