Polycom SoundPoint IP550 & IP650 Reviews

After several months of using this pair around my office I’ve finally submitted a written review to www.smallnetbuilder.com. I have to thank Tim, the editor at SNB, for his patience. It took me a while because I really wanted to explore the latest v3.0 firmware and the optional Polycom Productivity Suite.

It’ll no doubt take them a few days to get the review ready for publication. I would expect it to be online some time in the next few days.

Not to ruin the surprise, but I’ll be very sad to turn in the sample phones and go back to my old IP600. I may need to find some resource to procure a couple of IP650’s for myself. Once you get used to them it’s hard to go back.

Update: Here the link

  • Hi Michael, i could not find the review on the site you mentioned. I was looking for a small Voip solution for my home office but couldnt decide on a cost effective one.


  • As I said above, it’s been submitted to the editors. They tell me it will be published tomorrow.