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Paying Up For Free World Dialup

Luca Filigheddu reminds me to consider things carefully before making a decision. After some reflection I agree that FWD Deserves our Praise. Jeff’s leadership in the community has been remarkable over the years. It’s so easy to forget the early visionaries when things are so far down the road, and running really well.

Earlier in my thought process I had considered the best use of the funds; a FWD account or a Kiva loan? My wife and I have recently started to support Kiva, at least in part inspired by Randulo of VUC fame. However, it’s an unfair comparison. FWD has served me well over the years so perhaps it’s time that I returned the favor.

As I write this sitting in the Continental Airlines President’s Club lounge in Fort Lauderdale it occurs to me that the $30 annual fee is a relatively trivial sum of money. I very much consider it like a membership in a club. Not  a professional organization like the AES or SMPTE to which I have also belonged at times. A more elite club of VOIP visionaries.

Despite all the progress that we’ve already made in VOIP I still feel that any force that helps push the legacy PSTN into antiquity has to commended, and FWD seems to be carrying on that mission. As such I must commit to converting my membership to paid, and I suggest that you do as well.

I remain,

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