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Phweet Has Real Possibilities

After hearing about Phweet earlier this week, and giving it a look, I was able to connect with co-founder Stuart Henshall this morning. It seems that he was hanging out on the service all day getting conferences started and explaining things to people.

My impression of the service evolved a little over the course of half an hour actually using it. My initial impression was that it was principally for spawning calls between Twitter users. That’s pretty cool indeed.

But the reality is that it can just as easily create ad hoc conference calls between groups of Twitter users. It’s essentially a new form of virtual MeetUp.

In some ways it reminds me of services like Iotum’s Calliflower or Talkshoe. But it’s different in some ways. For example, it doesn’t require and registration beyond your Twitter username. They don’t even collect email addresses.

There are potentially a lot of applications for this sort of thing. I expect we’ll be hearing much more about it as time goes one.

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  1. Thanks Michael! for the Phweet review. It was great talking to you. I think that is one of the key things. The first thing is.. after accepting we are just talking. It is not about the technology of course it is about the conversaton. Even more when we escalate rapidlly to a conference. That we can talk is what matters.

    Ultimately Phweet will make it easier for you to talk to the people you want to. What’s important is it does it without the need for a dialtone. That’s a promise.


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