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Jeff Pulver @ SXSW on HD Voice

Phil Campbell caught up with Jeff Pulver at SXSW last month for a nice little interview. Jeff passed on some thoughts about SXSW and social media. He describes some of his impression of the importance of wideband voice, and the…

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Phweet Has Real Possibilities

After hearing about Phweet earlier this week, and giving it a look, I was able to connect with co-founder Stuart Henshall this morning. It seems that he was hanging out on the service all day getting conferences started and explaining things to people.

My impression of the service evolved a little over the course of half an hour actually using it. My initial impression was that it was principally for spawning calls between Twitter users. That’s pretty cool indeed.

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About Social Media

Since I'm over 40 and a newby to the whole social media scene I find myself playing catchup a lot. This sequence is really profound. Very helpful to explain things. Beware, strong language ahead. What The F**K is Social Media?View…

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