STUN’d Into Silence

I’ve been traveling a lot lately so the phones around my home office have been idle. Even so, I was a little surprised to find that my snom m3 was not making or receiving calls this morning. Well, it was and it wasn’t. I could dial out and the call appeared to be placed, but I never heard any audio. Once clear of today’s VUC call with Dan Behringer, and lunch with my wife, I was able to investigate this further and get the matter resolved.

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FWD Refocuses On Wideband Voice

This just in….

Please update the SIP domain for connecting to FWD from to before March 31, 2009.

FWD is moving to a new SIP platform as a part of a focus on HD voice.

The platform offers the present functionality, but we will retain only those features members express interest.

NAT traversal gets addressed automatically, so there is no longer a need for or

The transition includes a March 31, 2009 end of life for my.FWD, FWD.Communicator, 800 # access, and the voicemail platform.

Until the new portal gets launched, request additional FWD numbers via

Send transition related support requests to



Daniel Berninger

Wideband Voice And Free World Dialup

For the past few weeks I’ve been hunting for a soft phone with specific wideband voice capabilities. I’ve found a couple but there arises complications.

Wideband-capable hard phones usually support G.722, G.722.1 or G.722.2 (aka AMR-WB) codecs. There are other codecs out there that support wideband voice coding. Speex is the one most often cited. However, Speex support in hardware is extremely limited. So Speex implemented in a soft phone is not going to help me evaluate interoperability with hard phones.

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FWD Wiki On SIP Phone Configuration

In September 2007 the folks at FWD put up a wiki in the hope of getting users to document how to configure various hardware & software SIP clients for use with the service.

At the time I was provisioning a handful of Polycom SoundPoint IP430 phones for use within Pixel Power Inc. I took the opportunity to document the configuration with FWD based upon the use of v2.1.2 firmware.

Although my example was on the IP430 model it should be generally applicable to the entire SoundPoint line.

Two Cases Of Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is

This weekend I faced two instances of living up to things that I’ve written or said.

Firstly, I ordered a couple of Polycom SoundPoint IP650s to replace the hardware that I’ve had on loan for review these past few months. There was just no way to go back to my old IP600 when the 650 offers such a list of compelling features. So, the IP600 will be demoted to lesser duty.

Secondly, I finally got around to converting my FWD account into a paid account. My sense of this is that I’ll stick with FWD for a year and see what happens. I have the highest regard for some of the people involved. It would be great to see the service evolve into something more, perhaps leading us into using the PSTN less.

Paying Up For Free World Dialup

Luca Filigheddu reminds me to consider things carefully before making a decision. After some reflection I agree that FWD Deserves our Praise. Jeff’s leadership in the community has been remarkable over the years. It’s so easy to forget the early visionaries when things are so far down the road, and running really well.

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