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Squawk Box on Peer-To-Peer SIP

Polycom Soundpoint IP650

Today’s Squawk Box call on peer-to-peer SIP was very interesting. It had a nice slant towards SOHO and SMB VOIP installations, and went into a decent level of detail.

Dan York was the host, filling in for a vacationing Alec Saunders. His guest was David Bryan, co-chair of the IETF’s P2PSIP Working Group and also CEO of SIPpeerior Technologies.

I wasn’t able to be on the call this morning so I listened to the podcast. Highly recommended!

It brings to mind the Venture IP system once offered by Aastra. It was a serverless small office IP-PBX system based upon nimX software from Nimcat Systems. That company was purchased by Avaya in 2005.

The Aastra Venture system was based upon their 480i SIP desk phones with nimX software, and a 4 port FXO interface. No central server at all. When placed on the network the phones exchanged details amongst themselves, establishing extensions, VM, etc.

Since the system was limited to one model of phone (up to eight phones) and a 4 port FXO gateway it was limited in it’s scope, but very innovative and easy to administer.

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