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VOIP Enhanced Customer Service

Here’s a neat thing that’s about to happen to enhance our customer service approach at work. I work for a UK based firm. We have a small staff in the US, the core of our development and support operations being at the head office in Cambridge. So I call overseas a lot.

Sometimes our customers need to call the UK based support staff to get detailed answers to technical troubles, or initiate diagnostic processes. In many cases they simple call the UK number.

However, we’ve recently encountered a situation where a significant user (ie large investment in our systems) can’t actually call our head office because his corporate telecom policy precludes him dialing overseas from his desk. This is a serious drag, but he works for a large enough enterprise that policy cannot be changed or even questioned.

A VOIP solution to the rescue. We’re setting up a DID local to his office that brings him to a basic IVR allowing him to “press 1 for tech support”, “press 2 for….etc” where the menu options route his call to various UK or US based staff. This number will be a dedicated support hot-line for that company.

How’s that for improved customer service? A dedicated support line with toll-free global reach….all for you…Mr Customer. Such made-to-measure service offerings are just one example of using voip technology to extend the reach of your organization in new and effective ways. New applications are the key, not new technologies.

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