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VOIP Projects On The Horizon

Now that the NAB show is over I can reclaim some of my personal life and resume a couple of projects already underway, as well as add some new ideas. Here are some highlights of things to come;

GSM Gateway

My exploration of the Portech MV-370 SIP-GSM gateway will continue. I’ve decided that this will happen in two parts. Part one is a backgrounder exploring factors that could motivate a VOIP user to consider adding wireless gateway capability, what problems they might solve and a market overview of the available devices. This part is almost ready for the publisher and will appear at

Part two examines the implementation of the MV-370 into my home office network. I’ve been using the device for a couple of months now with OnSIP, but have yet to weave it into my Astlinux setup. Which brings me to my next point.

Astlinux Upgrade

I really need to migrate to the latest trunk of Astlinux and try Lonnie Abelbeck’s new extended web interface. I’m very enthused about this. A better web interface for Astlinux has been on my wish list for a long time. Since the 2006 article about building an Astlinux server is one of the most trafficked things I’ve written, even 2 years later, I may revisit that topic using the current Astlinux release and some add-ons.

Doorbell Asterisk

Lonnie has also inspired me to repair our dead doorbell by integrating it into the phone system. I need to do this sooner so that it’s easier to receive deliveries to the home office. It hasn’t been too much of a problem as I haven’t been home much in recent weeks.

Spectralink Wifi SIP Handset Review

Just today I was told that I may be able to get a sample of the Spectralink 8002 Wifi SIP handset for evaluation. That probably implies replacing my older WAP54G APs, but it must be time for that anyway. They’re ancient, and I have a new laptop that’s A/B/G capable.

Extending Our OnSIP Installation

My employer would like to extend our use of OnSIP to include a staff directory, calling menu, etc. I get to keep my hands in the hosted pbx space with them. I also keep my local server running so I can try things both ways when necessary.

I’m gonna be busy, but it should be fun.

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