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snom m3 DECT Repeater Coming In June

This week I finally received a response to a query I sent to snom about the m3 system. I need a little extra range in some cases so I asked about roaming between fixed bases. They responded that they do not provide roaming support, which would add considerable complexity and cost of the system. However, they are expecting to offer a DECT repeater some time in June.

DECT repeaters are a little like Wifi range extender devices. They expand the wireless range by using a wireless peer-to-peer backhaul strategy between bases.

Given that the m3 hardware is OEM’d from RTX, a Danish company, it could well be that snom is planning to offer their DECT repeater as well.

Incidentally, the RTX Dualphone 3081 looks identical to the Polycom IP200W. Literally identical.

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