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snom m3 Revisited

Some reaction to the snom review is starting to trickle in. One reader, Lonnie Abelbeck, noted that he had an issue with daylight savings time on his snom m3. He sent the following message;


I read your review of the SNOM m3 in SmallNetBuilder, excellent review. I recently purchased the same m3 setup you have, very pleased as well.

One issue that I think I solved is the daylight savings settings, the defaults did not look correct to me.

For help, I referenced Polycom’s docs using the same platform…

“Provisioning and Configuration Guide for the SoundPoint IP 200W”

Here’s a screen shot of his solution.

snom m3 DST settings from Lonnie Abelbeck

Thanks Lonnie! I didn’t know that the phone had been offered by Polycom previously. Their documentation may not be dead accurate with respect to the m3 as there are likely differences in firmware.

However, it does tend to indicate that certain things, like remote provisioning of the contact list, are less likely to be implemented in future firmware upgrades. I suspect that if it possible then it would have been done already as part of the original manufacturers development process.

My wife this week noticed that there’s a problem with using the handsets in our master bedroom when the base is located back in my office. The distance between these two locations is just about as far as can be across the property. Though two exterior walls as well. I expect that if I relocate the base into the center and rear portion of the house it will cover the property better. That’s a minor project for this weekend.

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  1. It appears the the SNOM m3 firmware 1.07 has an issue with DST, as it is not configurable enough.

    My suggestion is to use the settings show above, but change:

    DST Fixed By Day: [Use Month and Day of Week]

    That will work for the next 365 days, and hopefully new firmware will not ignore the “DST Start Date” parameter when [Use Month and Day of Week] is chosen.

    The Polycom IP200W docs state that the “DST Start Date” is ignored when [Use Month and Day of Week] is chosen. But, this does not allow for the second Sunday in the month to start DST. The simple solution is to use the “DST Start Date” value; 1 is first “DST Start day of Week”, 8 is second “DST Start day of Week”, 15 is third “DST Start day of Week”.

  2. Update,

    I contacted SNOM tech support (prompt response BTW) and they (indirectly) admitted you can’t set DST for the second Sunday of a month, but you can set it for the exact day the change occurs. Far from optimum.

    I passed on my suggestion to utilize the “DST Start Date” value when “Use Month and Day of Week” is chosen, so a person can set the DST formula and leave it.

    Hopefully this will be fixed before March 2009.

  3. I updated my m3 to firmware 1.15.

    It appears that SNOM has fixed the DST configuration problems. I did have to reset my Timezone value after the update.

    I also noticed that a small but noticeable delay after hitting the SEND button is gone. Good optimization.

    The base station web interface has a few new updates, but still a little sparse.

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