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Turning The Collapse Of HD-DVD Into An Opportunity

HD-XA1I spent much of this past week in Austin, TX. One evening while on the way back to my hotel I happened past a Circuit City store, so I decided to have a look around. I found something that surprised me a little. They had considerable stock of HD-DVD players.

Now it’s true that Toshiba and everyone involved in the HD-DVD format have thrown in the towel. The great optical disc war of 2005-2008 has past. I see in newspapers HD-DVD players being offered at great price, generally under $100. That’s a good price!!!

Look elsewhere in the store and I see “upconverting DVD players” from other manufacturers selling for > $130 each. There’s an opportunity here folks! HD-DVD players are by definition fine upconverting DVD players, equal or better than the lesser DVD players with upconvertors. It makes perfect sense to pickup an HD-DVD player at a great price even if you never play an HD-DVD.

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