• http://voiceontheweb.biz JimCanuck

    I actually am using a six-year-old Sony Bravia for my TelyHD experience It would be a tough sell to convince my wife we need a new TV just for the “smart TV” capability.

    TelyHD, being based on Android, will be coming along with more applications. Also from what I saw we will be seeing more low cost “smart” platforms that support, say, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube from one device.

    Actually the recording on my post was done on a call where the other party had TelyHD and I was using Skype 5.7 beta for Windows and VodBurner as the recording application. And using that combination reinforces an argument for using Skype – calls can be to any device with a Skype client – PC’s, smartphones (Android, iOS), tablets (iPad) or any other “Skype for TV” configuration.

    • http://www.mgraves.org mjgraves


      I think that the embedded Skype client alone did little to sell the higher-end Smart TVs. These tended to be sets with 3D capability, and in the upper end of the market, at least initially. Prices are falling, but I agree than TelyHD is compelling way to add Skype capability to any existing HDTV.

      I have a 26″ Sony Bravia of a similar vintage in my office. Long ago it was used to demo some of my employers gear, now it’s just used to ascertain presence of picture on my test bench.

      I really am curious to know of the TelyHD device would recognise a USB audio device if you plugged one in? Something like the Yamaha PSG-01 or ClearOne Chat 160. For SOHO/SMB applications I can see the ability to do so as possibly beneficial.


  • Brandon C

    I don’t think it would recognize those devices as the code is written now. Maybe someone will figure out how side load some apps and then you could do all kinds of things.

    You can plug in a thumb drive, SD card and access the photos for sharing while video chatting or personalize your background and things like that.

  • factually

    >>”The potential problem with Biscotti is that it’s wholly proprietary. Whereas TelyHD is a Skype end-point, the Biscotti device can only call other Biscotti devices.”

    I have a problem with this statement as it’s entirely false. Biscotti uses google video chat and as such, you should be able to video chat with anyone else who has access to google talk (iOS, android, email, etc).

    • http://www.mgraves.org mjgraves

      I stand corrected. This was not something that I was aware of initially. Thanks for pointing it out.

      What I was hoping for was SIP or H.323 interop, which would open it to a whole range of devices. When I as asked the company about that they replied it may be considered in the future.

      • Jonas

        If this Google video chat thing turns out to be true, the protocol is Jabber/Jingle and should be trivial to bridge to SIP as both Asterisk and FreeSwitch can speak it.

        • Alejandro

          I wonder if Biscotti, may support other webconference solutions anytime soon.

          • mjgraves

            Who knows? I’ve reached out to both companies, but they don’t ever respond to me.