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Blogging In Transition: A Host Of Issues – Act One

In the three years since it began this blog has been through a number of transitions. The most recent being just a few weeks ago. This is a little tale of that experience, offered to help anyone else who might be following a similar path. This little drama comes in the form of three acts. In this first act we examine the history of the site that lead up to recent events.

My efforts at blogging began in fall of 2007 on the free hosting at While a fine place to get started I eventually wanted to tweak WordPress beyond the scope that was allowed on that service. In particular, the desire to include more multimedia content provided the motivation to move the site to a paid host.

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We’re Celebrating A New Home!!

After several troublesome months with our prior hosting company I finally moved this site to a new host this week. The very fact that you’re seeing this post says that DNS has changed and you’re at the new place.

This is an entirely new construction, so there may be a little dust still to be tidied up and a bit of paint yet to be applied. Rest assured that I’ll be addressing any deficiencies as I find them.

In September 2008 I made the leap from  from the free hosting at to a shared server account at BlueHost. Their service was fine back in the early days, but a shared host can be a problem.

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Celebrating One Year Of Blogging

Funny how things just sort of happen. In looking back through some emails I just discovered that it was one year ago today that I started writing this blog. At least that’s when I setup my account at The first real post came perhaps a few days later.

This blog was back then an effort to set down in one place the answers to questions that I was fielding in a variety of public forums online. It was in essence born out of frustration that the same set of questions kept returning, each time meeting with answers from a different group of respondents, and with some variability in the nature of the answers. So I wanted to simply document what I have done. My own experience working from a home office full time over the past 10+ years.

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Bye Bye Skype Status Display!

For about a week I had a Skype status display in the sidebar on this blog. The site runs Wordpress and I never have felt that the use of sidebar Widgets caused a problem...until this Skype thingy. Adding that widget…

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Beware Bad Links For Now

Some links on this site are going to be broken for a short while. Earlier this week, after the Hurricane Ike cleanup, I managed to get the site moved from free hosting to a BlueHost. This will eventually let…

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SproutBuilder Is Seriously Cool!

From DEMO 2008 this week we have the launch of SproutBuilder, an online web 2.0 construction tool for Flash widgets. This looks so incredibly cool!!! So much promise. There has been so much buzz about Adobe entering into voip action…

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