The Talking Dead: T-Mobile@Home

LinksysHiport-Router.jpgI recently received a promotional email from Amazon offering the Linksys Tmobile @ Home HiPort for just $15.99. This was the internet router device that has a UMA interface on-board. Add a T-Mobile SIM card and you have cellular trunk line for home use with a traditional wired telephone.

This device was the CPE for their long-dead T-Mobile@Home service. While that service is not longer offered, it remains functional. My brother-in-law still has the service locked in at $10/month.

The fact that these devices remain available is a curiosity. T-Mobile still supports UMA calling. That makes me wonder if they could be used in some novel way around the house. I have too many unfinished projects already, but these do seem interesting.

A Blackberry User Considers Android

I’ve been a loyal Blackberry user  for about four years. RIM not long ago released the Blackberry Torch to modest fanfare in the US. While Jim Courtney tells me that it’s worth a look, it’s only offered by AT&T, which makes it a non-starter for me.

In contrast, today marks the official launch of the G2 on T-Mobile. With it’s landscape mode keyboard the G2 just might be the handset that entices me to make the leap to Android. I’m going to try and lay hands on one this evening. Further, my wife wants a new handset as well. We might be in the market for a pair of handsets.

This comes at an interesting time as Counterpath just this week announced the pending release of Bria For Android. Todd Carothers’ blog has something to say about this release. The availability of a solid SIP client on Android is a welcome thing, although I’ve heard good things about SIPDroid. It’s nice to have options.

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