Video Calling, Video Conferencing & Telepresence

Blackberry-Playbook-7-Inch-Tablet-Front-300px The  May 25th VUC call with the teams from RIM and Truphone was interesting. It’s great to hear that RIM is taking audio quality seriously as they go forward. I certainly hope that they get some traction with that strategy. As someone who has trumpeted the merits of HDVoice for a few years, any help to raise awareness of the benefits of improved audio quality is truly appreciated.

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OnSIP On The iPad

Clearly, some people have just too much time on their hands. The release of the iPad has garnered a lot of attention this week. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere it doesn’t suit my needs especially well, but I accept that its pretty cool and bound to be useful to many people.

I am amused at how some people try using things like the iPad in roles that are on the surface at crossed purposes with its design. For example, people are starting to try and use it as a phone. As far as I know Truphone was the first, as highlighted on CrunchGear. This morning I see that Rob Wolpov from Junction Networks is trying SIP clients on his shiny new iPad.

Rob’s a nice guy, and we love their OnSIP service….but I’m amazed that anyone would bother with this. Surely an iPad owner already has an iPhone or an iPod Touch? Both of those devices seem much better suited at being a phone.There’s a little issue of scale and form factor to be considered.

I suppose people will want to try this simply because they can. That it works at all will be amusing. I wonder how many people will routinely make use of the iPad for calling? It’s lack of support for multi-tasking would seem to make that a non-starter for many people. When you’re on a call that’s all you can do. In this regard the iPad doesn’t even measure up to it’s little brother…the iPhone.

On the other hand, with the iPad effectively sucking all the oxygen from the room at the moment perhaps its only natural that everyone wants a little piece of the iPad action.

Truphone Extends Reach With IM, Twitter & Skype Integration

Truphone issued a couple of press releases today. The first release announces full interoperability of IM with MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and GoogleTalk in its iPod Touch and iPhone applications.  They have also integrated Twitter into the TruFriends view of the Truphone application.

In the case of GoogleTalk users can also make and receive voice calls using the Truphone application. Similar voice capability is in the work for users of MSN Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger.

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