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Soft Phone Quest: EyePMedia Communicator

Beyond merely satisfying my curiosity I have a legitimate need for a handful of soft phone licenses. In my day job we have a small group of staff that travel a lot. Some have recently found that soft phones, typically Skype, or X-Lite can be handy and cost-effective of staying in touch with the office or home while on-the-road.

A few of these UK based staffers have even purchased Siemens S685IP SIP/DECT phones for their homes. They use these to connect to our US hosted IP-PBX infrastructure in those cases when then they are providing after hours support to North American customers. The S685IP is nice because it supports wideband audio via G.722. In providing these people soft phones I’d like to leverage G.722 so that their IP calling experience is truly better than using their cell phones as well as cheaper. So I continue to seek out G.722 capable soft phones.

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Ad Hoc Wideband Telephony Interoperability Testing

Having invested some time in cleaning up my office earlier this week I was forced to commit some effort to the research behind a new review that I’ve been tasked with writing. In so doing I was experimenting with call setup between various different devices, including a Polycom IP550 and a Siemens S685IP.

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Magic Jack, End Points & Cheap Minutes

There has been a little rumble of late in the blogosphere about Magic Jack. Ike Elliot had an good overview of the service here. And a little more here.

I first heard of Magic Jack literally a couple of years ago when visiting Durham, NC. It was the topic of conversation on an ABC radio talk show. The host was raving about cheap long distance calls using his PC, and paying $40/year for unlimited calling.

Ho hum. Cheap minutes. I don’t generally get worked up about such things.

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