An Interesting Opinion On The iPhone

Kristian Kielhofner, of Astlinux and Star2Star fame, posted a most interesting and thoughtful opinion on the iPhone today. He’s had a couple for the past week for the express purpose of starting to develop apps for it.

I found it an interesting read. I remain a little contrarian with respect to the iPhone. I think that the reality does not match the hype. I remain committed to not doing business with AT&T, so no iPhone for me.

OTOH, the Nokia N810 is getting cheaper as a new model approaches. I find myself wondering which I’d like more, a N810 or one of the new small PCs like the Asus Eee, or perhaps Dell’s forthcoming small model?

Today’s Voip Users Conference About Astlinux Was Rocking!

Aastra 480i CTWow! Today’s Voip Users Conference call on Astlinux was great! It’s just what I was hoping this group would evolve into. The last five or six of the weekly calls have been very good, and they seem to be getting better as time goes on.

Good host…kudos to Randy! Good guests…many thanks to Kristian, Darrick & the Astlinux crowd. Good participation by a well rounded group of people. It went long, but it didn’t seem like it. I learned some useful stuff. It was time well spent.

If you weren’t on the call you owe it to yourself to listen to the recording, here.

The Star2Star Distributed PBX & Astlinux

John Bartlett over at CMP’s No Jitter blog has posted an item from VoiceCon about Star2Star’s offering which he characterizes as a “distributed PBX.” He’s right, it’s interesting stuff. What he didn’t mention is that one of the significant people behind the implementation of the “Star Box” is Kristian Kielhofner, the original author of Astlinux….my favorite embedded Linux/Asterisk distribution.

The Star2Star device seems to have a lot in common with Astlinux on Soekris hardware. It sounds like there’s additional software to extend the feature set and wrap it with a hybrid premise/hosted business model. It’s a great idea in the SMB sector.

Darrick Hartman and Kristian Kielhofner, both very involved with the Astlinux project, will be guests on the March 28 edition of the VOIP Users Conference. That should be a very interesting call.