OnSIP Reviews The New Polycom SoundPoint IP335

The nice people over at OnSIP have reviewed the new Polycom SoundPoint IP335. Their reviews are straightforward but well written and address those areas that are likely of concern to OnSIP users. I’m hoping that in a few weeks I’ll get my hands on one of the IP335s to compare it to my IP650. With street prices reported to be in the $120-140 range these are very possibly the most affordable real HDVoice capable desk phones on the market.

Polycom SoundPoint IP335: HDVoice Hits A New Low

polycom 331…price that is. Polycom used VoiceCon this week as an opportunity to launch their newest low-end HDVoice capable desktop phone, the Polycom SoundPoint IP335. An update of the popular SoundPoint IP330/331 models the major changes in the IP335 include support for HDVoice via hardware upgrades and support for the G.722 codec.

The SoundPoint IP335 is a two-line phone with full duplex speakerphone capability. It also features an RJ-9 connection for a traditional headset, a backlit LCD display and electronic hookswitch (EHS) capability. All of these features are upgrades from the prior model.

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FWD Wiki On SIP Phone Configuration

In September 2007 the folks at FWD put up a wiki in the hope of getting users to document how to configure various hardware & software SIP clients for use with the service.

At the time I was provisioning a handful of Polycom SoundPoint IP430 phones for use within Pixel Power Inc. I took the opportunity to document the configuration with FWD based upon the use of v2.1.2 firmware.

Although my example was on the IP430 model it should be generally applicable to the entire SoundPoint line.

Polycom SoundPoint IP550 & IP650 Reviews

After several months of using this pair around my office I’ve finally submitted a written review to www.smallnetbuilder.com. I have to thank Tim, the editor at SNB, for his patience. It took me a while because I really wanted to explore the latest v3.0 firmware and the optional Polycom Productivity Suite.

It’ll no doubt take them a few days to get the review ready for publication. I would expect it to be online some time in the next few days.

Not to ruin the surprise, but I’ll be very sad to turn in the sample phones and go back to my old IP600. I may need to find some resource to procure a couple of IP650’s for myself. Once you get used to them it’s hard to go back.

Update: Here the link

Polycom Soundpoint IP670 Available For Order

It appears that the Polycom IP670 with the color backlit LCD is finally available for order. It also has gigabit ethernet like the IP560 released last fall.

The IP650 (pictured right) that I’ve been using lately certainly benefits from the backlit LCD. This is one of the reasons why I started to use Aastra phones a couple of years ago.

I really want to be using HD Voice as I go forward. The real question before me is does the color LCD and faster network merit the extra cost over the IP650? My old IP600 is likely to be retired to a lesser role one day soon.

Update: I see that VOIP Supply has these listed at $429. That’s actually less than I might have expected!