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Parallel Kits for the Predator 9500 (or similar) Inverters

Our strategy for whole house backup power involves a portable inverter generator connected to the house using an inlet and mechanical interlock. As is my habit, I did quite a bit of research to arrive at this strategy. Now that we have a couple of years experience with its use, I am happy to share that knowledge with those who are following down the same line of thought.

One of the most common questions I see in various online space involves how to deliver more power by connecting a pair of inverters in parallel. On the surface, it’s a simple question, but as ever, there’s some detail to the answer.

Five Inverter Generators

For the sake of this discussion I’m going to consider the Predator 9500, AIVolt AT20-2100001E, Duromax XP9000iH, Pulsar 9500, and Genmax GM9000iE. These five popular models are all made in the same Chinese factory. They vary only slightly from one to the next. They all have a built-in facility for parallel operation.

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