Screen Protection For the OnePlus One

PThink Screen ProtectorEven if the OnePlus One is not entirely to my taste, I’ll be keeping for a  while. On that basis I thought it wise to apply a screen protector. One of the considerations when using a less popular handheld is the limited range of accessories available. I settled upon a PThink® 0.3mm Tempered Glass Screen Protector from Amazon Prime for $9.90.

I just applied the item this morning. I must admit that it was the easiest time that I’ve ever experienced with a screen protector. Normally there a lot of fussing about to get hands, phone and table super clean. Then more fussing about to get the screen protector correctly oriented. And finally mas messing around squeezing out the inevitable bubbles under the film.

In this case there was very little such trouble. The tempered glass film is thin, rigid and very hard. Once positioned over the phone I simply pressed down on the center with one finger. The glass then settled down onto the screen, with zero bubbles!

In fact, except for at the very edges, it was perfectly in contact with the screen. Finishing up with a quick wipe across the surface it was perfectly installed.

This Youtube clip shows someone from Talk Android News installing the screen protector on his OnePlus One. He had more difficulty that I, largely because he applied it from one end to the other. I started in the center working toward the edges.

So far I think that this PThink tempered glass screen protector is pretty slick. Definitely Recommended.

Initial Thoughts on the OnePlus One Android Phone

one-plus-oneOn occasion I can be impulsive. This combined with the fact that my two-year Nexus 4 has been troublesome of late, left me open to suggestion. When Dave Michels offered an invitation to order a OnePlus One I jumped at the opportunity.

I ordered the OnePlus One largely without investigated it’s details. That’s unusual for me, even in an impulsive moment. The Nexus 4 has been behaving like a two-year-old…pitching fits, and generally not doing what it should. There have been numerous times when it would spontaneously reboot. Other times a call would come it, but it would not ring. If I was lucky I’d see the screen light up. Then yet other times I’d answer a call and there’d be no audio at all. That situation would persist until it was rebooted.

The One+ One seems like a suitable replacement. It would run on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ and LTE networks. It wasn’t as large a Nexus 6. And at $349 for the 64 GB version stipulated in the invitation, it was priced right.

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