Snom M3 Review Update

The detailed review of the Snom M3 is just about complete, barring a few last minute edits. However, the editors over at have decided to purchase it for publication at their site. It’ll probably take them a week or two to do a final edit and launch.

Generally when I sell articles or reviews there’s a “limited no-compete” clause that means I can’t publish it again for 3-6 months. If the review generates significant interest then I may undertake a comparative review against other comparable cordless VOIP solutions.

The benefit in selling the review is that it helps fund the next project. I gotta have some way to help pay for my habit 😉

Reaching VUC Via Junction Networks OnSIP

Generally when I join the weekly VUC conference all I’m dialed in from a SIP hard phone over a Junction Networks OnSIP trunk. This has historically meant that I had to dial in using the PSTN number, not the SIP URI.

A couple of times I tried to create an extension in my OnSIP account mapping their VUC SIP URI to a local four digit extension. That simply doesn’t work. The OnSIP GUI doesn’t permit the use of SIP URIs where the domain is specified by an IP address. It only accepts domains when referenced by alpha means.

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It’s Worse Than That, He’s Dead Jim!

While I’m very active in VOIP matters I have other interests as well, one being what used to be called “stereos” and is now referred to as “home theatre” or “audiophilia.” I’m not into the “Golden eared” silly stuff like the unbelievably expensive interconnects that so offended James Randi that he tried to call them on their bluff. But I do like to play with music playback gear.

Most recently I especially like the combination of the Logitech Squeezebox and some professional powered monitor speakers. I also occasionally read

The whole reason for bringing this up in the VOIP space is that this week seems to have brought forward the concept of “SAF” with respect to the new Snom M3s. SAF = Spousal Approval Factor.

FWIW, with respect to loudspeakers, SAF varies inversely with the volume of the enclosure.

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Ike Elliot Agrees About VoWifi…but recommends an ATA

Ike Elliott has an often interesting blog. Today he is agreeing with Garrett Smith about how VoWifi has been dissappointing. I’ve echo’d this same sentiment many times previously.

Ike recommends an ATA and traditional cordless phone. That combination will certainly be more reliable that most Wifi SIP phones. I’ve used a Sipura SPA-2002 and a Panasonic 5.8 GHz cordless phone to good effect in my home. Since Smith’s original post referenced Vonage no longer providing a VoWifi offering I suppose it does target home users specifically.

However, SOHO users who are looking for more business class features (hold, transfer, conferencing, etc) or integration with local or hosted IP-PBXs should also consider SIP DECT solutions like the new Snom M3 that I’ve been using for the past week or so. Polycom also has the Kirk SIP DECT systems.