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Contemplating Keyboards

X1-Carbon & HP PavilionAfter a few months with the Lenovo X1 Carbon ultrabook I’m still rather impressed with the device. It’s in many ways the nicest laptop style computer that I’ve ever used. Even so, the differing keyboards between it and my desktop keeps presenting an annoyance. It has me considering the purchase of a new desktop keyboard.

My desktop, an HP Pavilion H8-1214, typical of consumer class machines, came with a terrible keyboard. The system was purchased from in July 2012. It was nicely specified and very good deal, so I simply replaced the supplied keyboard with something more appropriate.

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Ramble: New Keyboards Making Me Look Bad

I’m kinda picky about PC keyboards. My employer makes a line of TV graphics equipment and has historically bought keyboards from Cherry, a major German manufacturer. I have always liked their feel.

Some time ago they switched to a keyboard that is being custom made for us. Our gear needs a pile of custom keys dedicated to specific functions. So we always need to have keyboards customized.

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