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Ramble: New Keyboards Making Me Look Bad

I’m kinda picky about PC keyboards. My employer makes a line of TV graphics equipment and has historically bought keyboards from Cherry, a major German manufacturer. I have always liked their feel.

Some time ago they switched to a keyboard that is being custom made for us. Our gear needs a pile of custom keys dedicated to specific functions. So we always need to have keyboards customized.

Custom key caps are incredibly expensive. You wouldn’t believe the cost. They’re very labor intensive to manufacturer. When made in small quantities (<1000 pc) The etched custom lettering is milled on a CNC lathe from a blank plastic keycap, then filled with paint.

Now on to my point…last month I ordered two new Cherry keyboards for my desktop systems. I also got a new laptop back in April. The combination of three new keyboards with slightly different key layouts (laptop vs desktop) is killing my spelling recently. The fact that I switch between desktop and laptop all day long exacerbates the problem endlessly.

It’s ok if I’m working in Word, but I have to be really careful when using WordPress.

Back in high school I made a fateful choice; instead of typing class I took a computer science class. It was the right choice for me, but I live with my typing every day.

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