Q: How Will Cat-iq Help HDVoice??

CAT-iq Logo-250 Earlier this week someone posed me a question by way of twitter. They asked, “How Will Cat-iq Help HDVoice??” I responded briefly, also via Twitter, but upon reflection I think a longer answer may be in order.

Some time ago VoIP luminary Jeff Pulver started to beat the drum for HDVoice. As an initial part of that effort he organized a couple of HDVoice Summits where interested parties could meet and discuss the issues surrounding widespread adoption of HDVoice.

The first of these events was in May 2009 in New York City. I was fortunate to be able to attend. It was there that I started to track who was promoting the use of HDVoice, how, and sometimes why*.

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Audio Codes Wideband Voice Webinar May 14th


Things are starting to ramp up prior to next weeks HDComms Conference in NYC. Audio Codes is presenting a webinar entitled “HD VoIP: The Next Sound Barrier” on the topic this coming Thursday, May 14th at 9am EDT. This presentation is to be given jointly by Alan Percy,  Director of Market Development at Audio Codes and Jeff Pulver. Registration appears to be open to all interested parties.

The webinar is hosted by Webex which supports direct VoIP conferencing for attendees. I wonder if that aspect of the service is wideband? Or perhaps supports dialup via SIP URI? Their FAQ is unclear about the details.

Sadly, I will not be able to attend this particular presentation, although I did sit in on what I expect is a similar webinar series that Audio Codes gave last November. Hopefully it will be recorded so that I can give it a look while traveling on Friday.

Dan Behringer On The Status Of FWD

fwd-logoEarlier today someone started a thread about FWD over at the VoIP Tech Chat forum on http://www.broadbandreports.com. Several forum regulars questioned the status of FWD, which is a fair question as not much has been heard from those involved. Certainly the web site has changed, and a lot of the old resource material seems to have gone away.

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Jeff Pulver @ SXSW on HD Voice

Phil Campbell caught up with Jeff Pulver at SXSW last month for a nice little interview. Jeff passed on some thoughts about SXSW and social media. He describes some of his impression of the importance of wideband voice, and the HD Communications Summit that he’s planning in May.

A Chat with Jeff Pulver @ sxswi (south by southwest) in austin, tx [6:39] from Phil Campbell – England on Vimeo.

Last Call For Speakers For Pulver’s HD Communications Summit

Just a brief reminder: Friday, April 3rd is the deadline for submissions from people wanting to speak at Jeff Pulver’s HD Communications Summit in NYC on May 21st. If you’re thinking of speaking you need to act quickly. If you’re thinking of just attending you can get tickets here.

Jeff Pulver on HDVoice

Today Jeff Pulver posted a blog entry giving his sense that HDVoice will spark a renaissance in the VoIP world. He feels that carriers will be able to differentiate themselves on the basis of quality and earn customer loyalty. He’s outright enthusiastic about HDVoice.

I find Jeff’s focus in this area encouraging. Jeff has a lot of clout and could help push wideband telephony into the thoughts of people who might otherwise pass it by.

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