Polycom Display Sizes Compared

My recent review of the Polycom SoundPoint IP335 raised an interesting question in some readers minds. Several readers wanted to know about the comparative sizes of the LCD displays across the various SoundPoint models. Since I have the IP335, an IP450 and my trusty IP650 in-house at the moment it was just a matter of time before I could take some photos to illustrate the differences.

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A Holiday Family Gathering: The SoundPoints

The holidays are a time for family gatherings. There are many facets to this reality. In the week leading up to the holidays I was provisioning a couple of new phones for coworkers, and a sample of the new Polycom SoundPoint IP335 arrived. So it was that there was a little gathering of the Polycom SoundPoint family on my bench; my own favorite the IP650, the IP450 that we generally use within Pixel Power, and the new low-end IP335 model. Big brother, middle sibling and Junior…all HDVoice capable.

As I get some user time on the IP335 I’ll be making some notes and sharing my thoughts. The question I need to answer myself is whether the IP3xx series represents the best value in the range? Or do we keep using the more costly IPx50 models as we add more extensions?

Street Price On Polycom IP450 (updated)

Giving the online retailers a day to get their shops updated it seems like the new Polycom SoundPoint IP450 is going to start out selling for around $220. Given that the IP550 is listed in places for only a little more ($230) I suspect that the actual selling price of the IP450 will eventually drop to around $190-200.

Update: I was reminded that there are versions with and without the power supplies, which is typically about a $20 difference in price. Since the phone supports standard POE many will not want the power supply.

Update II: I just purchased four of these handsets for a new office. I paid $189 without the power supplies, which is $40 more than the IP430s that we had originally thougt to use. With these IP450s, my IP650s and a new IP6000 conference phone my employer will be poised to start seeing the benefits of wideband telephony.

Polycom’s New SoundPoint IP450

It looks like our friends at Polycom have released a new phone, the SoundPoint IP450. This new model offers three line appearances and a new high-resolution, backlit gray-scale LCD. It also offers both wideband voice and the availability of the API & XHTML micro-browser to a new, lower price point. MSRP is given as $309 US.

As someone who has a number of IP500, IP501 and IP430 phones in service I can easily see myself moving to the IP450 as we go forward.